Image depicting Nancy Pelosi
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China sanctions Nancy Pelosi over trip to Taiwan
It stated how Pelosi's visit was an 'egregious provocation.'

Image depicting Nancy Pelosi
China sanctions Nancy Pelosi over trip to Taiwan, saying the visit was clearly an ‘egregious provocation.’
Source: Business Insider India

This week, China went on to impose sanctions on United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, along with her immediate relatives. Reportedly, this was the country’s answer to what its Foreign Ministry referred to as an ‘egregious provocation.’ The US speaker paid a visit to Taiwan a couple of days ago, coming across as a step generating controversies.

China considers Taiwan an extension of its own area, despite it having its own independent government since the year 1949. This was specified by the Council of Foreign Relations. For a while now, China has continued expressing its resistance to the trip by Pelosi to this controversial place. However, Pelosi went on to go ahead with her plans anyway.

A spokesperson from the Foreign Ministry provided a statement regarding this development. It noted how the United States official disregarded the crucial issue from the Chinese authorities, opposing the trip. They stated how Pelosi taking the trip signifies a serious intrusion in the internal affairs of China. According to them, this showcased compromise of the country’s sovereignty, violating the idea of ‘one-China,’ risking maintenance of Taiwan remaining stable.

China’s response to Pelosi’s decision:

The spokesperson further stated that China’s answer to this ‘egregious provocation’ is the decision to implement sanctions against Pelosi and her close relatives according to Chinese laws. However, this statement did not specify any particular details regarding the imposed sanctions. Various analysts have provided warnings regarding Pelosi’s call to visit the island. They stated how it could worsen the US- China issues, which remain problematic for years.

In July, China’s Xi Jinping told US President Joe Biden to not “play with fire” in case of Taiwan, on a call. A statement from the White House said how the policy remained the same as it was still in opposition to the ‘unilateral efforts’ to disregard the stable condition of Taiwan.

Notably, Pelosi visit to Taiwan generated opposing reactions from lawmakers’ groups owing to her status. In past 25 years, she is the US’ highest ranking official to pay a visit to Taiwan. At the time of the visit, Pelosi stated how the island is a true symbol of democracy. The trip being part of wider diplomatic visit through the Asia, Taiwan serves as an inspiration for the continent.

During her visit, Pelosi was welcomed to the island of Taiwan by hackers of the Anonymous group on Chinese government websites.