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Chinese Media Apologize To Tesla For “Brake Failure” Rumors
Various Media outlets in China publicly apologize for spreading unfound information on Tesla

Tesla known to have uncommunicated issues in China is well known. This took a turn when social media outlets apologize publicly to Tesla. It is because they spread rumors on “brake failures” when clearly there was no evidence as such. 

Tesla says sorry to Chinese buyers in U-turn to its 'no compromise' on 'unreasonable' customer grievances as pressure mounts on social media and state press | South China Morning Post

Image credits- South China Morning Post

Battling misleading Media

Furthermore, the media outlets deleted the false allegations and asked other media outlets to delete their posts too. With this, they plan to focus on not spreading unfounded rumors in the future. 

Not one, but another major media outlet publicly apologized for publishing an untrue story on Tesla. This is Zheng Chongzhi,  who earlier published an article, “Tesla repaid 4 billion before the loan! Net friends: Is this going to run away?”. It supposedly says that Tesla is going to run away from the local market once it pays its loan. However, there is no evidence of any such intentions from the company. 

Intriguingly the Tesla PR team seems to be working well. As they recently anointed a “Special handling team“. It was considered responsible for the customer service segment. It was mentioned as, “We apologize for failing to solve the problem of the car owner in time. In order to make up for the discomfort of car owners to the greatest extent and the adverse effects on their car experience and life and many other aspects, we are always willing to do our best to actively communicate with car owners, seek solutions with the most sincere attitude and firmly fulfill our commitment to the responsibility to the end.” It further includes an apology to the car owner who protested in China.  

Successfully erased the false rumors

The team’s result is beyond expected as media outlets came out apologizing. China is one of the key markets for Tesla’s high sales last year and Q1 2021. While its cars were banned in Chinese military areas, this was another issue when a customer started protesting alleging “brake failure”. Many protesters joined in and caused a huge scene. 

Whenever there is a Tesla car accident, the question always comes down to the failure of Tesla’s self-driving system. On the contrary, Tesla monitors and cancels the software in case a driver is seen as misusing. 

And China’s media allegation caused a disruption in the public image of the company. If not for the new handling team, the rising sales would be doubtful. Also, they have recently anounced that they are going to make a platform with data access to their customers. This is most likely the result of the Military area’s ban on Tesla Vehicles. 

With this in limelight, it is expected that true information is being given to the public. These false allegations have caught the attention of global users, questioning their choice of buying Tesla.

Hence it was important that the company worked towards a PR team, which gives accurate information which customers can rely on.



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