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Tesla’s Brake Failure Protest in China Resulted to “Special Handling Team”
Also, Tesla apologized for not solving the problem of the car owner.

A few days back, a Tesla Model 3 car owner started a 5-day rally in Shanghai, China. It was about the accident her parents went into, accusing Tesla’s brake failure as the reason.

Tesla Brakes Fail': Shanghai Police Detain Auto Show Protestor

Image Credits- Caixin Global

The unusual apology caught criticism from the media. But, observing the apology letter, the company only apologies for not solving the problem with the customer. As it doesn’t specify on faulting brakes.

Better customer service

Though the company is not at fault, the damage to their reputation falls in their hands. As a result of the situation, they are launching a “Special Handling Team” in Shanghai.

The previous Tesla’s brake failure issues were supposed because of a simple fix from eMMC. That wasn’t the manufacturing default. However, Tesla further worked on the issue and started providing repair work services in March this year.

Furthermore, there is some silent tension between Tesla and China. Last month, China’s ban on Tesla cars near the military area was unexpected. Which in turn blamed on Tesla’s security system.

Irrespective of the small incidents, sales of Tesla in the country have been growing. The team is working towards making it in China, as it is their largest market.

Tesla’s Booth attracted some attention

The rally has caused some fuzz around the area. As the woman who was protesting stood on a car wearing a Tesla shirt. The crowd gathered around. Further, another woman joined the first protester with a similar shirt. Both of them continued to protest against Tesla’s brake failures.

Later, the protesting woman was arrested by the Shanghai police for “disrupting public order”. Adding to the situation, the police had already declared that the accident was caused due to reckless driving. As there was no evidence of a brake failure.

After the situation, the company wrote the following statement as an apology for not solving the customer’s problem.

“We apologize for failing to solve the problem of the car owner in time… Tesla respects and firmly obeys the decisions of relevant government departments. Respects consumers, abide by laws and regulations, and resolutely actively cooperates with all investigations of relevant government departments. To this end, we have set up a special handling team, dedicated to special handling. And strive to meet the demands of car owners. And strive to satisfy car owners while complying with laws and regulations.”


Image credit- Weibo, China’s social media

Weibo is a Chinese microblogging site, which is largely used in the country. Tesla conveyed its apology through the site.

Tesla registered 34, 635 cars in March, the biggest in China. Most cars have been doing well in terms of quality. The brake failure cases were after years of using the same care, which needed a proper fix. Which regular repair work didn’t solve the problem. This resulted in Tesla’s brake failure news.



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