Types of marketing firms

Choosing a Good Marketing Agency as a Branding Partner


Running a business independently is not easy especially to the beginners.

You might need somebody’s help at any course of time who can help you lead in sales and make more profit.

A poor marketing department, less useful resource, lack of manpower can be a few genuine reasons to get help from outside agency. According to the studies done by Montz Marketing, most small and medium-sized businesses never even think about hiring an inhouse-marketing team.

The marketers you choose must fit your unique brand or needs. Several marketing agencies like can help you improve sales lead and get a better position in the market. 

But, before you get those helping hands let us tell you what these agencies are and what they do?

Role of marketing agency

Role Marketering agency

The sole purpose of such agencies is to maximize a company’s potential by implementing right marketing strategy.

They conduct an intense research on your company and figure out the best solution to boost the sales and profit for your company.

They also help in making stronger customer relationships and find the target audience that take interests in your company’s product and services.

Their methodologies help in reaching to the potential customers for your brand. They are the experts with proven skills and strategies to solve any issues of your company.

They inspire your audience and help your business grow from inside whilst giving a new direction and light to your brand.

They help you seek new ideas to make your clients feel proud being your customers. montz marketing agency let you know better about your company and customers. 

However, it is not easy as several marketing firms are ready to get them hired. A wrong selection can result into loss of time and money but most importantly your customers. 

Remember, customers are the key and you cannot afford losing them, right so take help from good firms and get the better lead. Be cautious when hiring a firm that is less expensive as they may be less qualified.

How to select a marketing firm?

Marketing firm

If this is your first time then here are few questions that are important to ask from them. You should also be aware of expected answers from them. 

  • With who you are working– asks them who will manage your business account. you can expect answer like” a manager and an expert team of 30 years of working experience will handle your business”
  • Compare them with others- ask them how they state them best in contrast to others. Expect for a response like” we serve best to the clients and range them according to the workload and fees. We serve as per the customer’s need and in case we fall we expect your hints and suggestions.”
  • Your contribution– asks for your contribution in any of the specific plan or strategy. They may answer you like” your participation is required in client inventory analysis and once in a month to analyze the effectiveness of the strategy.”
  • Key indicators- ask for the indicators on the basis of which they handle the client work. you can get answer like” we focus on percentage of business income they receive from a customer along with the new customer’s engagement.”
  • Reporting practice- ask them how often will they serve you reports and what points will they cover in the reports. The monthly report of their plan should be given. 

A map out of their work- ask to them how will they begin with their work. You can expect this response” we will first get to know about your business in the first month, then we will tailor a customer plan and the same will be implemented from the third month.

You will start getting results from the four month of our service.”

The answers you get from the marketing agency depend upon the type of firm. 

Types of marketing firms 

Types of marketing firms

Depending upon the services you need for a project, marketing firms are categorized. 

  • Marketing consultancy- such firms audit marketing plan of your company and provide suggestions if any. They don’t implement the plan rather offer suggestions after conducting a deep analysis of your present methodologies. 
  • Direct marketing– such firms help you make a plan and they handle the mail pieces, design them, create items for mailing, manage and measure the response of mail campaigns on your behalf. 
  • Telemarketing- such firms work as a call center and manage the telephone based services for your company. The telemarketing firms have now switched to the text pitches and smartphone calls.
  • Digital marketing- a marketing program involves social media campaigns, website management, e-commerce services and more. Digital marketing firms like montz marketing help developing and improving such services and advice you for better customer interaction using social media.
  • Marketing communications– such firms develop plan and material for better communications through product guides, brochures, customer magazines and newsletters. Their services include production, writing, and designing materials that support your activities such as launch of any new product.

Simply knowing how to get the right firm or services is not enough. You should actually know why they are worthy?

We have explored 4 great reasons that will make you finally decide whether you actually need them or not.

Reasons to hire a marketing firm

Hire Marketing firm

  • A better player– if your business has an in-house team for marketing then its good but if you are planning for a one then incorporation of new employees with little or no experience in marketing will reap you no benefit. An experienced agency is a better player that can achieve you a grand slam in the market. 
  • More value– lots of research and time goes in brand marketing, social media strategy, email campaigns, video production and more. Marketing firms have better ideas about this and they can give you more value than others.
  • Teamwork- marketing firm is not about individuality as they have a whole set of team with experience people that works in a team.
  • Objectivity- they will perfectly define your messages to the customers.

So, reach to the clear and targeted audiences with the help of a good marketing firm.

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