Citroen Ami Cargo EV Debut- Used For Professional Haulage

With a capacity of 400 liters and a payload of 140 kilos, only one passenger can travel in Ami Cargo EV. The design is impressive along with the optimized interior space.

Citroën turned its compact Ami EV into a tiny delivery van
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Making it ideal for urban haulage. This all-new Ami Cargo EV has more capacity than a traditional 2 or 3 wheeler vehicle. With a capacity to full charge in 3 hours, the cargo is 100% electrical.  

Basically, it is a 1.52m tall EV with 1.39m width and 2.14m length. Its capacity of 140kgs makes it a practical vehicle for hauling. Furthermore, it is based on, “Small on the outside and big on the inside’ as said by the website. 

Additionally, the electric cargo runs with a 6kW electric motor and a 5.5 kWh lithium battery pack. Also has a range of 47 miles (75km). Enables easy commute within the city. Costs around $6,000, which is low considering the charging charges are much lower than fuel costs.  

This Caro is especially suited for home deliveries and other within-city transportation on a daily basis. Citroen claims that it is also useful for local service providers like plumbers, electricians, and locksmiths.



The company currently allows scheduled test drives and bookings in the UK. It is expected to be available from early June.  

Furthermore, the tiny electric car is set to enter the US market. As announced recently,  it will be based on an EV subscription service. This subscription process includes insurance,  assistance, and other maintenance issues. 

However, the launch in the US is by a car-sharing and subscription service company. Where the company bought a fleet of Ami Cargos from Citroen. And then offers the subscription offer to customers. Besides Ami Cargo, it includes Peugeot EVs in its subscription plans. 

The subscription process for the $6,000 Ami Cargo EV is $699 per month. 

New model as the business expands

Furthermore, the Stellantis Commercial vehicles strategy and new mobilities manager, Richard Meyer talked as the new Ami Cargo EV debuted. 

“Inspired by the version designed for individuals, My Ami Cargo retains the idea that guided the design of the Ami. This is why we created an innovative interior space, allowing us to make an offer that’s unique on the market. While retaining the simplicity and clever design of Ami.”

As of now, the Ami Cargo is restricted in many towns and cities. It is expected that as the governments are focusing on infrastructure improvement and so on. The demand may rise. And the subscription process is currently available in Washington and DC. Eventually will be available in Portman and Los Angeles soon as they expand furthermore within the country.