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Cleantech start-up, Clairco bags INR 4.2Cr funding from Anicut Angel Fund


Source: RealtyNXT

Clairco is a Bengaluru-based clean technology start-up that offers its services in air purification and also provides real-time insights for breathable air indoors. The start-up has recently announced to have raised INR 4.2 crore in an angel funding round led by Anicut Angel Fund.

According to sources, it has been duly stated that Mr Sanjiv Bajaj who is the Chairman and Managing Director, Bajaj Capital at Anicut Angel Fund id leading the angel financing round of the clean technology company. Reportedly, Angel List and Max Group are also known to be participating in the start-up’s funding round.

Clairco is the brainchild of Udayan Banerjee and Aayush Jha that founded the company back in 2018. The start-up is known for its patent air purification system that takes on the global menace and misfortune of air pollution and the lack of any comprehensive action being taken to economically reduce the same and replace it with clean air. Clairco is targeting this global issue by offering its air purification system that provides clean air in consideration of a monthly fee. The Internet of Things start-up serves as a Software as a Service model to provide its in-house developed patent technology.

When asked about the latest infusion of funds, the start-up mentions utilising the money for growth, hiring new talent and majorly on product development as mentioned in several reports.

Clairco’s solution to the air purification issue is unique and patented. Clean air inside closed walls is a must, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic situation. This solution provided by Clairco serves its purpose by aligning its needs with commercial buildings for ensuring the safety and well-being of its occupants as things move back to normal, says Aayush Jha, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Clairco.

Having said that, he further mentions that this latest infusion of funds worth INR 4.2 crore will help the Bengaluru-based start-up to build a core team and enhance its Research and Development capabilities. The company mentions having cleaned air at 2.5 million sq. ft. since its inception and the figures aspire to grow ten-fold by the next financial year i.e., 2022.

Clairco is serving on the need of the hour which nobody is talking about. The start-up guarantees clean air through its patented air purification system based on a mutually agreed service level agreements with its clients.

It has exclusively mentioned in the company profile that the start-up provides its services on a Software as a Service model rather than putting an up-front cost on the infrastructure of the process. Clairco may be the world’s first company to be providing clean air.




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