Cobb EMC

Cobb EMC Sets Renewable Energy Goals For 2030

The American-based non-profit electrical utility is now focusing on modern-day solutions for their goals for the coming decade. To date, Cobb EMC has sold 3.8 Billion kWh electricity in many parts over the US.

Cobb EMC on a Bright Path – Daktronics

Their current initiatives of setting up rooftop solar panels, solar panels along battery storage are all towards making it big by 2023.

Cobb’s plans told by their CEO

In an interview with the press, the CEO and interim president of the company told, “With Earth Day approaching, it is the perfect time to express to our members and community that we are passionate about a greener future while keeping our electric rates low and reliability high. Furthermore, we are confident that we can achieve our renewable energy goals without passing any additional costs on to our valuable members.”

The vice president, Tim Jarrel, said, “These goals were developed with having an adequate and diversified portfolio in mind using our long-term power supply strategy,”

Their goals are ambitious, where a 200% increase in renewable energy resources is expected. Alongside, carbon emissions are to be reduced by 75%. Many multi-national companies are focusing on renewable energy resources, but Cobb EMC aims to go one step further by having microgrid projects.

The microgrid projects can increase the recovery rate in case of power-outs. Also, they have greater capacity and strength compared to traditional renewable energy source outlines.

Problem solver during the pandemic

Keeping everything aside, Cobb EMC performed well during pandemics. They were effective, especially in weaker areas where the impact was more. Cobb donated more than $68,000 during the lockdown period to different communities. Around $5 Million was given to a thousand organizations by the non-profit.

Additionally, behind the scenes, the workers and related people of Cobb EMC worked hard consistently to provide their maximum support. There were food distribution campaigns and some donations in every possible way.

Furthermore, they came up with modern solutions like web-based solutions for their customers. The system has integrated CRM and billing systems, making the process easy and quick.

Their partnership with a broadband network enabled them to have a better platform for Cobb EMC customers. Technically, the company is not the largest, and the majority of the users use Georgia electricity. However, Cobb is known best for its initiative towards renewable resources. They set you up with solar panels above your homes for a very low fee. And there are other kinds of modern-day solutions available through the company. With their online, platform anyone including remote areas can contact and have an installation or connection.