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Common Frauds While Playing on Online Gaming Sites

Online casino sites are a great way to enjoy the thrill of gambling from the comfort of your home. However, few people take advantage of this and create fraudulent gaming sites. 

They usually attract players by offering attractive bonuses and promotions. Players quickly get influenced by these bonuses and end up getting scammed. 

Besides, not only gaming sites but even players can sometimes play tricks on the hosts and earn money. 

Here, in this article, we have mentioned four common types of fraud to be aware of while gambling online. 

Scam Done by Players 

Scrolling down are the common tricks used by gamblers to earn more money from online gaming sites. 

  • Collusion

Collusion occurs when two or more players team up to manipulate and bring a specific outcome. This can also be done by a single player using multiple accounts. Poker and blackjack are the most common targets of collusion. Usually, gamblers collude to execute bonus frauds. 

For instance, if two players sign up with depositing $100 and get a bonus of $10 each. Then they can lose to each other and cash out their winnings. This way, they can both earn $10 each without much effort. Collusion can also be done by a single player using multiple accounts. This way, he can earn $20 by just making two gaming accounts. 

  • Chip disposals 

Chip disposal is another type of conspiracy but is usually done for criminal activities. Besides, chip disposals can also be used to make payments for black market services. For instance, if a criminal earns a large amount of money from illegal activities, he cannot just get it deposited in the bank without getting questioned. 

To avoid this suspicion, they hire people to gamble and lose on purpose. This money can then be withdrawn in the form of gambling winnings. They can then quickly deposit this money in the bank and even claim them on taxes. 

This can be dangerous for you as a host, as your site was used as a medium to commit the crime, and you might have to prove your innocence. Moreover, even you might get caught up with these things. Thus, it is crucial to keep an eye on any suspicious activity happening within your gaming site. 

Scams Done by Online Gaming Sites

Now, these are some of the common frauds that can happen with gamblers. 

  • Attracting through Fake Rewards

To attract customers and keep them interested, online gambling sites provide frequent bonuses to the players. Usually, these bonuses are random and given to every player on specific activities like signing up or referring to another player. However, some sites manipulate these bonuses to maintain their customers.

For instance, they will initially make the player win most of the bets and provide him with high bonuses and promotions. This will build the confidence of the player and make him want to deposit more money. After a certain point, they will purposely make him lose significant amounts to their own bot accounts. This can be avoided by choosing only licensed and authorized sites. 

  • Stealing Personal Data

Fraudsters usually use high-ranking SEO keywords on their sites to attract consumers and make their site rank higher while searching, some of them being “Best Online Casino Sites” or “Top Online Gaming Site” and many more. 

Usually, new players may fall prey to these scams and think that these sites are legitimate. However, in most cases, they are only made to steal your private data or even money. If you register without researching, you might end up getting your contact number or even bank details leaked. This can lead you to enormous trouble. Hence, always make sure to search well before you sign-up with any bandarq sites. 

Key Take-Away

All in all, whether you are the host or player, it is always better to be cautious to avoid being scammed. Sometimes, as a host, you might end up in massive trouble if criminals use your site to transfer money. 

Besides, as a player, your personal details can be stolen and misused. In both cases, you might have to face a lot of distress. Hence, it is better to be safe than sorry. 

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