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Conservative Dating App might actually help the FBI investigate the Capitol riots

The conservative dating app, Right Stuff backed by Peter Thiel and founded by a former employee of Donald Trump had been at the receiving end of much backlash and jokes at the time of its launch. Netizens weren’t exactly impressed by their promotional ad that magnified ‘values’ which is nothing but a euphemism for their extremist and warped notions of what is right. Quite naturally, the app and the idea behind it were frowned upon. However, it looks like the app has become a cause of trouble for the conservatives in search of love. Whether they find love or not, the FBI will probably find something useful that might prove substantial to the Capitol riot investigations. Read along to know more.


Trouble Brewing

On TikTok, a review was posted by Cheyenne Hunt-Majer on how the dating app could be a useful investigation tool for the FBI. Apparently one of the questionable prompts asks about the Capitol riots, and one user happily wrote, “I said I was there because I was, I’m a patriot. That’s why I’m on this dating app.” The user who goes by the name BigChungus certainly did not expect what came next. The person got a call from the FBI, or so says the comment he wrote, “I use this app for hardly an evening, and is it a coincidence I get a call from an FBI agent the SAME DAY???” BigChungus was certainly not happy about how his search for love turned out and left a one-star review. Well, BigChungus might have completely missed it but he sort of admitted to a federal crime in the comment section. Hunt-Majer thought so too, and on TikTok, she said, “Not someone admitting to a federal crime in the comment section.”

While most users had funny responses to the situation, others were of the opinion that while they found the app likable, they were rather put off by the app requiring people to get invited which in their opinion was detrimental to creating a wider dating pool. Hunter-Majer also agrees that the invite-only feature comes with its own set of problems. The invite only feature is creating a roadblock for researchers halting them from getting to know more about the app. It could also be a way of creating an exclusive platform for extremists, “It is likely the invite only system is further enforcing a dangerous echo chamber that only gives a platform to extreme right wingers, ” Hunter-Majer commented.

Well, we do not know if Right Stuff would aid conservatives in their search for love, but like Trevor Noah said, it is indeed a great way for the conservatives to meet the FBI.

Talk about digging your own sweet grave

To laugh or to not laugh is the question



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