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Could Apple Watch predict COVID-19 in future? Apple begins study

Apple Watch

Source: VentureBeat

Apple Watch has been one of the company’s most beneficial products when it comes to health and fitness. The accuracy in numbers and medical data reading that Apple Watch is capable of taking through its inbuilt sensors is phenomenal and in the latest Apple Watch Series 6, the device is also capable of measuring the user’s Blood Oxygen level and take an ECG at the same time as well. Isn’t it cool to all your major health data available at the ease of your wrist? Well, it is.

As of today, the main focus of attention is the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic and researchers all around the world are trying to develop a more viable solution to end the threat so that people can once again roam around mask-less.

Having said that, back in September, Apple mentioned in a statement that it would soon launch a research study that could enable Apple Watch to become an accurate predictor of COVID-19. In recent highlights, it seems like Apple is keeping its promise by reportedly being in partnership with the Seattle Flu Study and the University of Washington, as mentioned in a report by MacRumors, Apple Insider and Engadget. The reports mention that Apple has begun taking in volunteers from the Seattle area for the study on whether an Apple Watch can predict the occurrence of respiratory diseases including COVID-19.

As mentioned in a report by Engadget, every volunteer will get a study-enabled Apple Watch that he/she will have to wear every day- day and night for the next six months. Apple Research App on iPhone will come out with new surveys every week and all participants are required to fill out these weekly surveys in order to track progress. The report further added that if any participant gets sick, he/she will get a free nasal swab test at home and a request to provide the researchers with all Apple Watch health data which has been collected so far. Apple promises to keep the information of participants confidential as is the case with any other research.

A study published by Mount Sinai mentions that Apple Watch might detect COVID-19 in the early stages by identifying the subtle changes in heartbeat of the person. The early stage, in this case, means much before any symptoms appear that could help reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Anyhow, if there may be advancements in detecting COVID-19 through an Apple Watch, it could call out for Apple Watch design changes or improvements in the next Watch OS.



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