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Crypto adoption increases worldwide, except for United States

Although the United States has the world’s greatest economy, it is falling behind in terms of cryptocurrency acceptance. 

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Last year, Elon Musk driving a souped-up Tesla at a Dogecoin e-vehicle rally received more momentum than Elon Musk driving a souped-up Tesla at a Dogecoin e-vehicle rally. (Isn’t that a thing?) Regardless, crypto is a thing, and it’s gaining traction around the world, with use up 881 percent year over year.

Chainalysis’ second annual Global Crypto Adoption Index indicated that Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Ukraine, and Kenya were the top five nations for bitcoin acceptance. The United States dropped from sixth to eighth place. China dropped from fourth to thirteenth place, owing in part to its ongoing crypto crackdown.

Emerging economies are booming.

According to Chainalysis, the methodology for the index ranked 154 countries based on three weighted, multi-variable parameters. These statistical models were required to level the playing field between new countries like Togo (10th). And developed countries like the United Kingdom. Which didn’t even make the top 20 in terms of crypto acceptance. “Highlight the countries with the largest cryptocurrency acceptance by ordinary people. And focus on use cases connected to transactions and individual saving, rather than trading and speculation,” according to the list.

Sixteen of the top 20 nations are emerging economies. This is worth mentioning because the causes and applications that drive their better rankings are considerably different from those in established markets like the United States.

Researchers discovered that nations including Venezuela, Nigeria, Vietnam, and Kenya rated high because of their large amounts of person-to-person (P2P) transactions. (after wealth-per-capita and internet-use factors were applied). They also discovered that many people in underdeveloped countries rely on peer-to-peer bitcoin exchanges. Because they don’t have access to centralised exchanges.

What does the index say?

According to the index, several developing markets are experiencing severe currency depreciation. Pushing inhabitants to transfer their fiat currencies to cryptocurrency in order to maintain value. Furthermore, many of the emerging markets profiled in the research have restrictions on the amount of sovereign currency that can be moved out of the nation. Crypto is used by residents in such nations to get past restrictions on cross-border money transfers. Cryptocurrency usage is increasing all around the world.

In contrast, P2P transactions declined in North America, Western Europe, and Eastern Asia. And rising crypto adoption in those developed regions was mostly driven by institutional investing.

The data demonstrate that rising centralised transaction volumes and the rapid expansion of decentralised finance (DeFi) have boosted bitcoin acceptance in countries where it already has a significant following while emerging areas are seeing exponential growth thanks to peer-to-peer (P2P) action.

Crypto adoption has exploded over the last year. The forces fueling that growth confirms that crypto is a worldwide phenomenon that’s here to stay.

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