Crypto could play a big role for content creators as Patreon enters the space

It seems like Crypto could play a big role for content creators. For example, as the NFT market took off, digital selling of art became the new norm. It made a lot of millionaires, and people found a new way to reach their audience. And now Patreon, an American platform that offers business tools for creators, is also planning to get into the crypto landscape. They are planning to launch their own social token called the “creator coin.”

Patreon’s plans

The executives of the firm have recently teased the idea of their own token at the 2021 creator economy summit. The idea is to bring power to the creators. This way, they will be able to own their own content, and the power won’t be in the hands of the institutions. Patreon’s idea to help bring power to creators is surely going to be loved by the ones using their services.

Crypto could play a big role for content creators in the future and Patreon plans to launch their own social coin

We should also note that at the moment, Patreon doesn’t have a full-time crypto team working on the idea. So, the first step will be to hire people in the space to get started. Because Patreon has to understand that if they don’t enter this space fast, they will be left behind. They have started the evaluation of their plans, and very soon we could hear more from them.

The community is happy

The idea that was shared by Patreon was liked by the masses and people actually became excited about it. A crypto Youtube channel told CoinTelegraph that this idea is to go to provide an additional source of revenue for creators and engage with their community. He also added that platforms would lose creators if they don’t adopt crypto content. Another YouTuber said that he believes that Patreon’s plans will be great for the industry. This is because it will highlight a lot of use cases of digital assets. At the same time, it will bring more credibility to the space.

The best part of all this is the fact that even other platforms are doing the same. And in every way, the crypto community is going to benefit the creators. Some are adding crypto tipping features while others are making sure that the revenue received by creators is more genuine.

Do you think that Crypto could play a big role for content creators? And if yes, what are the ways that I didn’t mention which could change the tide for creators? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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