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Crypto exchange Bullish to go public soon

As crypto becomes more popular, the companies associated with it are doing good. And as that happens, more and more of them are going public. I believe it started with Coinbase and then was followed by the mining company Hut 8, and now we have a crypto exchange, “Bullish”. The company is planning to public real soon with a partnership with Far Peak Acquisition Corp. After the deal, they will be listed on equity exchanges. Also, note that Far Peak is acquiring “Bullish” for $9B, and the president of the company will take over as the CEO of Bullish.

About Bullish

crypto exchange bullish

Bullish was set up by Block. one and will offer automated market making, portfolio management and lending tools. It has not been out yet and will have a programme to test all the features of the platform. The platform also plans to use its own blockchain to validate and produce a trail of transactions on its platform. The company also did a capital raise of $300 million from private investment public equity EFM Asset management.

Their goal is to attract customers by offering them a mixture of centralized and decentralized exchanges. This hybrid style of offering is likely to enchant many as they use the platform. The president of FARC believes that it will be able to provide value to its shareholders and users. He also believes that crypto has a long way to go, and Bullish will play a role in that.

What are your thoughts on the crypto exchange Bullish going public with a $9 billion merger? And what is your take on the hybrid exchange Bullish is building? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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