The Weekend and Binance collaborate
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Crypto Powered World Tour is Happening! Binance and The Weekend make the dream come true

Cryptocurrency makes charge!

Cryptocurrencies take charge.
Picture Credits: CNBC

After Elon Musk and many other renowned CEOs tweeted about their interest in cryptocurrency, the crypto market boomed to a new, revolutionary level. Cryptocurrency started penetrating various industries one by one. Sports industry, food industry all of them are slowly getting hooked onto cryptocurrency. Even though the crypto market crashed in the second week of May, many firm believers of crypto think that this is just a small occurrence of crypto’s volatility and will soon start rising again.

One of the world’s most renowned musician “The Weekend” has also showed a lot of interest in the crypto market. Being a millennial, it is not surprising for a singer like the weekend to be attracted to the technological advanced cryptocurrencies.


The integration of Binance with “The Weekend”

Binance, which happens to be the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world has gone ahead and collaborated with the singer “The Weekend.” In the collaboration, Binance will sponsor The Weekend’s upcoming world tour. The partnership is said to feature multiple NFT initiatives, as well as a $2 Million donation to the artist’s XO Humanitarian Fund.

The tour which is named “Til Dawn World Tour,” will kickstart from the month of July, this year. US and Canada are the countries that have been selected for the tour. One of the spokesperson from Binance claimed it as the first “Crypto Powered Tour” which is the first global concert tour to tap Web3 technology for fan’s experiences.


How does the integrate NFTs? Let’s see!

Binance has also collaborated with Toronto-based HXOUSE community incubator. They will be creating and developing an NFT collection around the tour, along with the co-branded merchandise. The fans attending the concert will also receive a digital ticket stub that will allow them to redeem commemorative NFTs.

The major objective of the integration.

The partnership’s major objective is to essentially promote cryptocurrencies and also collect funds which will be donated to XO Humanitarian Fund, founded by the Weekend. Binance and The Weekend will also collaborate on donating additional NFTs and donate at least 5% of those NFT sales to the fund.


Writer’s report:

The Weekend and Binance, are seriously attempting to take cryptocurrencies to the next level by introducing it in their tour. Even when the market crashed, and the cryptocurrencies have hit their all time low, artists such as the weekend, taking keen interest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs is heartening. The cause of the partnership is also admirable since it aims at providing funds as donations to the artists organization, which he formed in his role as a United Nations Food Programme Global Goodwill Ambassador.