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Cryptocurrency Exchange Eyes Big For Indian Audience – OKEx Leads The Charge

With the cryptocurrency ban being lifted off by the Supreme Court of India in early March of 2020, the country has witnessed a big surge in the rise of crypto enthusiasts in its ecosystem. According to the data from OKEx, it has seen a massive increase of 545.65% in the overall web traffic from India soon after the crypto ban was lifted.

Capitalizing on such a young and enthusiastic crypto market was obviously the next stop for the exchanges which OKEx seems to lead the charge by launching its P2P platform for the Indian market and constantly coming up with great campaigns ever since its inception in the Indian ecosystem.

At present, the OKEx P2P platform is way ahead of many of the other exchanges in India offering 0% transaction fees and simple Bitcoin & USDT buy and sell features via UPI, NEFT, and IMPS. Its P2P trading platform is backed with escrow systems and has KYC level 2 verified merchants who make the P2P trading experience hassleless. 

OKEx constant love for its Desi Audience

Earlier this year, Jay Hao, OKEx CEO mentioned India as “one of the most important incremental markets of the crypto and blockchain industry”. Looking at the excitement in the Indian audience, OKEx has been consistently offering loads of amazing campaigns to its Desi Audience ever since it has launched its P2P platform in India. 

So far, OKEx has distributed more than $150,000 (Rs. 1 Crore) amongst its Indian audience. It has launched 6 campaigns in the last 4 months which has been more like a feast for the Indian crypto audience.

OKEx plans yet another Christmas Gift for the Desi Audience

OKEx has recently announced its #OKExChristmasDhamaka campaign for the Indian market in this festive season. The #OKExChristmasDhamaka campaign is a 14-day campaign where the exchange is going to reward USDT worth $12,000 (9,00,000 INR) to its Indian audience. The campaign is from 14 December 2020 to 27 December 2020 where you just simply need to register for the campaign and execute simple social media tasks to win Christmas cupcakes (points). 

Apart from winning points for completing peasy social media tasks, OKEx has also planned to reward crypto worth $2,000 (from the prize pool) to their top 2 P2P traders during this campaign period (provided they sign-up for the campaign). 

Find out more about #OKExChritmasDhamaka and all other promotions from here: –





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