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iPhone 13 might bring back touch id using in-display tech

Apple has removed the fingerprint sensors on its devices with the launch of the iPhone X. And since then the company has solely relied on face id in the next three generations of devices. But now it has been rumored that the iPhone 13 might bring back touch-if by using in-display technology. This means that the latest iPhones might have a full-view display and eliminate the big notches.

Rumors about iPhone 13

iPhone’s have been known to sport one of the best fingerprint sensors present in any device. We all know about the quality haptic motors that their devices have. And now with the iPhone 13 series of devices Apple might use a similar sensor for fingerprint authentication on its new devices. But this time the fingerprint sensor will be under-display not taking up any extra chin space.

iPhone 13

Image Source: ubergizmo

These leaks were provided by the leaker John Prosser, and according to him, the company has two prototype models with the tech being used in them. The technology has already been on the market for quite some time now and has evolved a lot. But, we do know if Apple does something they do it exceptionally well. And probably the company was waiting for that.

With everyone using masks nowadays it is obvious that the use of a fingerprint sensor on its devices is a great move by Apple. Plus, the fact that many people still don’t find face id good enough and prefer to use a fingerprint sensor, so there’s that. There is also a possibility that Apple might use the fingerprint sensor on the power button of the device.

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