How People Shop and Use Online Coupons Globally – A CupoNation report

ImprimirIndia is a market obsessed with discounts, coupons and any deal that can help them spend less and save more. This trend was fairly offline until the e-marketplace boom came into place. The e-commerce boom quickly transferred the euphoria of bustling bazaars online and tech-savvy people were more than happy to shop with a click of a button. With a large number of people from tier 1 and tier 2 cities buying online, it was not far before discounts industry made an online surge.

We observed similar behaviour in global markets as well. Reading on the lines of this buying habit, we conducted an elaborate research on the coupon usage behaviour of the online shoppers. We have come up with an interesting infographic on how people shop and use online coupons globally.

Important Highlights from the Report

  • Quite evidently people between the age group of 25-34 are the heaviest users of coupons compared to other age groups. These young adults are digital savvy and have higher disposable income to shop often.
  • One of the most surprising insights that came out of this study was that men are the most frequent users of coupons compared to women except in Australia and Spain. Clearly, Men like to save too.
  • Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Madrid, and Sydney are the topmost cities involved in online shopping using coupons in India, Brazil, Spain, and Australia resp. These cities have better access to internet connection and are learned in the fact that they get more exposure to brands marketing and selling their products to them.
  • While Indians prefer shopping during afternoon, Australians like doing it in the evening and Singaporeans later in the night.
  • Fashion is the ‘Top product category’ with online shoppers while searching for online coupons across all nations except Spain. While fashion, travel and electronics are typically the most popular categories across nations, Books is a surprising entry in the top 3 for Australia
  • The recent surge of smartphones and their usage has made India the topmost nation which shops using mobiles
  • “% Discounts” is the magic word that gets shoppers across the world to shop more. Our study shows that across all different kind of coupons, the ones which have a % number and the word discount next to it is the most popularly used one
  • As expected, India ranks highest in terms of coupon usage by online shoppers mostly because of the popularity of this concept in offline shopping. However, Australia has still not seen a huge surge in coupon usage

 Reporting Methodology Adopted

  • Data from Google trends
  • Data from Google Keyword Research
  • CupoNation Internal database from 5 markets

Other than just numbers and figures, our research also showed some interesting insights like Australians liking pizza coupons more than fashion coupons, Spain’s second highest category being tickets for events, a whopping 95% of Indian shoppers spending lot of time to find online bargains and a lot more.