Customization company Caviar Gift Turns Tesla Model S Plaid + into Gold
World's most expensive Tesla painted with 24k gold, a luxury item right out of a dream.

A third-party customization company Caviar Gift is turning Tesla Model S Plaid + into Gold. Also, Caviar Gift previously fabricated iPhones in an unusual way by covering the mobile phones with gold. Hence turning them into a more fancy, cosmetic, and expensive way.

Caviar Edition Tesla Model S
Image credits- News18

Futuristic car in Gold

Being that the Tesla Model S is the most futuristic car of this generation which has been a huge success since its public arrival in 2012. And Tesla has been testing, revising, and improvising the car which makes it the fittest of the kind. Caviar Gift is now embellishing Tesla Model S in a perplexing way by modifying the parts with Gold and they name it Model Excellence 24K.

While the retail price of Tesla with every upgrade till now is $168,990, after the touch of Caviar with 24 Karat, 999 gold, the purest form of Gold available to the customers, the price goes up to $ 299,999 which is meant for only the rich.

Producing 99 world’s most expensive Tesla

Talking about the Model S concept car, Caviar wrote ” The world’s best electric car is turned into a true luxury item. Black gloss and dazzling gold. This is how Caviar designers present a high-tech luxury vehicle”

Caviar also said that it will produce only a limited number of Model Excellence 24K with the requests they receive from the customers who are interested in it. But the delivery time entirely falls on the Tesla.

“The electric is presented in black and adorned with decorative elements covered with 999 gold in Double electroplated technique. The radiator grille, side skirts, discs, rear-view mirrors, and elements of the rear and front bumpers are in gold color. Imagine yourself driving this car: a respectable high-quality oil-colored body and a dazzling glow of gold. You are not just driving the car of the future. This is a new word in luxury car modding. If you think that they will turn after you and look with an admiring glance, you are not mistaken. That is exactly what the Caviar Model Excellence 24K is made for.”

Furthermore, added, “We are confident that the synthesis of high technology and luxurious materials is exactly what you need. It’s not just a car. It is the quintessence of sophistication, luxury, and self-confidence. Dare to walk such a beast along the main streets of the city? Be careful, you can dazzle those around you with your splendor.”

As written on the official Caviar website. Since Caviar is producing only 99 of these. If you are the person who needs more than an expensive car, The Golden Tesla, nothing would be more astonishing than this.