Dan Price
Dan Price

Dan Price’s fair wage tweet creates a stir on Twitter

Dan Price
Dan Price

Twitter is not new to groundbreaking tweets that instantly grab the spotlight. At the moment, Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price’s tweet is creating quite a stir on Twitter as it has kickstarted the discourse on a fair wage. What exactly is a fair wage? Is it possible that fair wage generalizations are problematic as some critics have pointed out in response to Price’s tweet. In the tweet, he proudly declares that his company pays a minimum wage of $80k, which might come off as relatively exorbitant to other employers who are struggling to keep their heads above the water. In the tweet, Price can be seen indirectly taking a jibe at employers for not paying a fair wage. The question is if this is on par with reality and if the employment situation will get any better if the employees take up Price’s example.

Twitter Reacts

Price’s tweet attracted the attention of a good number of Twitter users, particularly employers who weren’t completely in agreement with his points. On the other hand, Price’s wage policy seemed quite appealing to potential workers who were eager to ask if his company was hiring. Is the tweet going to pose a threat for employers as it sets a rather high benchmark?

Perhaps this is the right time to talk about better opportunities as against reasonable opportunities.

Or maybe its time to redefine the minimum wage system


What is the exact problem here? The lack of well-paying jobs or a dearth of qualified personnel?

Doesn’t that sound a bit anachronistic in a time and age when work from home has become the new normal?

This might be a necessary reality check. Not everyone can afford to look at the world through rose-tinted glasses.

Well, as the saying goes, ‘To each their own.”

You might perhaps rethink the ‘5+ years experience’ part for intern roles.

Now that is a reasonable query.

While some of the users criticized Price’s fair wage policy stating that it will eventually destroy the business, others were quick to take the CEO’s side by stating that his business has been growing exponentially over the years.