Daymak, three-wheeler

Daymak: Pre-Order Booking For Fastest Three-Wheeler At $100
The Canadian based Electric Vehicle company assures a lower price for pre-orders

Daymak, a Canadian-based company was the first electric bike seller back in 2011. The company is not only first, but also fast this time. A three-wheeler car, with the looks of Bruce lane’s BatMobile, the car is expected to be the fastest three-wheeled car.

Get to know the Three-wheeler

Daymak’s three-wheeler car is going to be the fastest in the world. The design is similar to the combination of the Batmobile and Batcycle we saw in the Batman movies.

Furthermore, the three-wheeler is expected to be lightweight, low maintenance, and fast charging. Though the car lightweight, it will be suitable for driving in camping and mountain areas, where the land is rough and bumpy. Their ready existing Avvenire series has the qualities, but, so far they were bikes. As the car is going to be the fastest, it is expected to have other qualities too.

Interested buyers can pre-order now by paying $100 in advance. The end costs for the three-wheeler start at $149,000 for the 480KM range. However, the price increases with the range and other add-ons. All of them are solar-powered.

According to Daymak, they are going to start deliveries of their three-wheeler in 2023. Furthermore, the company is looking for investors around the globe.

Daymak’s current vehicles

Daymak’s  FORAS, also a three-wheeler, but not really a car. This costs about $4595, relatives cheaper than their famous Avvenire series. FORAS is going to release in the market this year. The pre-booking is available at $100.

Almost every vehicle sold here is configurable, there are choices on ranges, cost, etc. Depending on your need, you can choose the most appropriate one.

You don’t need insurance or a license to own your vehicle. Millennials are curious about this Canadian Company seeing fully electric vehicles. Also, they are fashionable, affordable, and environmentally safe.

Future focus

With Daymak’s three-wheeler, the company plans to go global. As of now, the website hasn’t cited any specific investor details. Currently, their dealers are located in Canada and America in multiple locations. The others located in Greece, Italy, United Kingdom, and Japan.

All the mentioned countries can order without any problems. The company also encourages new distributors to come forward. With their three-wheeler launch, they expect to expand in a broader range.

So far, the company is known to be capable of reaching the sky. However, users are yet to experience the power of electric vehicles, an affordable one at that.