5,534 electric three wheeler registered in the National Capital since Switch Delhi

Delhi has emerged as the EV hub of Inida. The national capital has witnessed a massive surge in the sales of electric vehicles since the campaign, “Switch Delhi” was launched by Delhi Chief Minister, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.

Delhi’s EV drive –

A few days ago, it was reported that EVs have covered 2 crore kms on the Delhi roads, more than half of the distance covered by EVs in India. This comes out as a positive news in Delhi, a state which suffers from one the worst cases of air pollution.

Moreover, the EVs will not only reduce pollution, but will also help the government and citizens reduce their expenses. Well, if that makes you happy, be ready for another good news!

Three Wheelers leading –

It was reported that since the inception of the “Switch Delhi” campaign, more than 5500 electric three wheelers have registered in the National capital. It should also be noted that within a week, there were nearly 700 registrations for electric two-wheelers.

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But the three wheeler category is leading the EVs by far in this initiative which is also a long-term plan from the government to reduce air pollution.

Views of Transport Minister –

Delhi’s transport minister, Kailash Gahlot said –

“The second week of the campaign focused on outreach related to three-wheelers and many users came forward sharing their positive experience. The Delhi government will soon initiate the process for the registration of e-autorickshaws. By switching to e-autorickshaws, people will be able to save around 29,000 per year annually on fuel as compared to their CNG equivalents.”

Incentives for Delhi –

The government has also announced various monetary incentives to promote the sales of EVs. Mr. Gahlot has stated that one individual can save up to ₹29,000 annuary by switching to electric vehicles. He has also stated that about 177 three wheeler models are available.

The Switch Delhi campaign aims to accelerate the shift to EVs in Delhi and led the country towards this sustainable transition. Furthermore, the state government has already announced that it plans to use only EVs for the government vehicles.

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On Friday, the central government had launched the “Go Elecric” campaign which will be supervised by BEE. It aims to promote EVs nationwide. It will be interesting to see how effective these campaigns will be. But one thing is for sure, the future is EV!