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Dead By Daylight Dating Simulator Announced

Developer Behaviour Interactive has confirmed Dead By Daylight Dating Simulator, called Hooked On You, is coming to PC through Steam this summer. Previously, Behaviour Interactive revealed the date sim spin-off from their multiplayer horror game, Dead by Daylight. Hooked On You features a murderer from the 2016s survival horror game. Dead by Daylight surprised fans when it announced the new dating simulation, Hooked On You, featuring romanticized versions of the Killer Within a Universe.

Dead By Daylight Hooked On You

Credit @ Behaviour Interactive

The dating simulator will see players running into the open arms of characters that they spent so much time hiding from within Dead by Daylight. The finger-licking good dating sim, which takes players on a murderers island, lets them romance their favorite killer. The dating simulator will have players try and romance four Killer characters from the game; The Trapper, The Huntress, The Wraith, and The Spirit. Hooked by you takes place in the Dead By Daylight universe.

While the new dating sim will not canonize into the Dead by Daylight universe, it will nonetheless give insight into the times in which Killers in the universe lived, where they were not affected by trauma or by the darkness inside of them. The new spin-off title does not yet have an official release date beyond Summer, but an announcement trailer has already made its impact on the fans and the Dead by Daylight community. A trailer released for the dating sim revealed the four characters to be included in the game are The Trapper, The Huntress, The Spirit, and The Wraith, each existing in Dead by Daylight as the original Killers created by Behaviour. The announcement would come as a surprise to those who were not available earlier when every time trademarks were previously seen for the Dead by Daylights dating simulator.

During today’s (May 17) special stream celebrating the sixth anniversary of Dead By Daylight, Behaviour Interactive revealed their future plans both for their multiplayer survival horror games and for new projects. As if the announcements about games could get any crazier, Behaviour Interactive, the developers of the asymmetrical multiplayer horror-action game, Dead By Daylight, decided to announce a crazy new project.

Behaviour Interactive has also announced that they are doing another Resident Evil crossover called Project W. A teaser for the game’s upcoming chapter was promised later today, with further details, following on from the previous year’s crossover campaign. That is not all, Behaviour Interactive has also announced it is working with Capcom again on Project W for Dead by Daylight.



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