Death Stranding PC Game Pass
Credit @ Kojima Productions

Death Stranding Is Coming To PC Game Pass

Kojima Productions is going to be shipping Death Stranding on PC Game Pass sometime this coming Tuesday, in particular, 5 pm PDT. Death Stranding is officially coming to Game Pass for PC on August 23, following up on the recent rumors of PlayStation Console Exclusive appearing on the Microsoft service.

Death Stranding PC Game Pass
Credit @ Kojima Productions

Developer Kojima Productions and publisher 505 Games have revealed that the original Death Stranding, rather than the director cut, will become available for Xbox PC Game Pass users on August 23, 5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern, with a 10 am AEST time slot on August 24. The critical phrase in the quote above is the original release, which implies the Xbox Game Pass release does not include Kojima Productions improvements and additions made to Death Strandings Directors Cut.

Since the tweet confirms only that Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding is coming only on PC Game Pass, there is a chance Death Stranding will not be coming on Xbox Game Pass for owners of Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. Coming at all would be too much of a break from reality since PlayStation console exclusives are not (and probably will not ever) released on Xbox consoles.

Despite Death Stranding being published by PlayStation, and being made available on the PlayStation consoles as an exclusive, the upcoming game from Kojima Productions is set to be on a Xbox service, a move that came as a shock to many. While PlayStation Studios was the publisher of Death Strandings PlayStation console release, 505 Games published the PC version, since the game predates Sony’s current foray into PC gaming.

This is because, although the PC versions were published by 505 Games, Sony still holds publishing rights on the console versions. This could be due to 505 Games, rather than Sony, being the publisher for the PC version of Death Stranding, which is already out there on places like Steam and the Epic Games Store, outside of the PlayStation ecosystem, though we are starting to see more PC versions of PS games.

Most recently, Hideo Kojima’s and Microsoft announced a collaboration on a yet-to-be-named title, and before that, Norman Reedus seemed to suggest Death Stranding 2 was also being worked on, no doubt that this too will again be a Sony thing. Kojima Productions is working with Microsoft right now on the title, as he appeared at the Xbox showcase alongside Bethesda way back in June to reveal a few details on the title, if we listen to rumors it is a horror style title.

Microsofts official Twitter account for PC Game Pass has changed its profile image several times over the course of this week, with images displaying scenes from Death Stranding. Fans noticed that last day’s Twitter avatar for the PC Game Pass account cleverly included a Hideo Kojima’s landscape from Death Stranding, which was later acknowledged by the account itself.