Debris of Falcon 9 fell in a farm in Central Washington

Locals near a farm in Central Washington reported that rocket debris fell on the land. It was found that the Debris was of Falcon 9 that was used in a launch a while back. The same rocket also appeared as shooting stars over the US Pacific Northwest. Reports from the County Sheriff’s office suggest that the object seems to be a composite overwrapped pressure vehicle belonging to the second stage of the rocket, which was launched on March 4 for the Starlink 17 mission.

The fallout of Falcon 9 debris

The report from the Sheriff’s office suggests that the rocket was found in a private property farm. This rocket debris was about 1.5 meters long and left a 10-15cm deep impact on the land it crashed. They also said that the exact location of the property would not be disclosed due to privacy purposes. This is because there is a high chance that media will flood the place if the area is disclosed.  Talking about the rocket that broke apart after the launch was due to some factors. Firstly it was found that the rocket wasn’t able to orbit properly after the successful Starlink launch.

Debris of Falcon 9
Image Source: Twitter

Do note that the main part of the rocket did come back to Earth and landed properly. In fact, what didn’t happen as planned was the orbiting of the second stage of the rocket. This is the part that detaches itself from the main rocket and then takes the Starlink satellites to orbit. And after that, it is either destroyed or left to orbit the planet. After this, the second stage makes a controlled entry and burns up in the atmosphere as planned. But this time, the entry into the Earth’s orbit did go well due to the lack of enough propellant, and it resulted in the breaking up and scattering of the rocket all over.

This reentry seemed like a set of shooting stars that didn’t seem to burn up in the atmosphere. And we were lucky enough that the debris harmed no property or lives during this incident. If it did, SpaceX could have been in big trouble.

Falcon 9 is a really good rocket!

The Falcon 9 is one of the best rockets in existence right now. Most of the versions of the same are used extensively by the company for repeated launches without any trouble. But this time around, a second stage part did crash which is inevitable when you do so many launched. What we can expect is that SpaceX figures out the problems and try to avoid such things in the future.

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