Decentraland discards claim that they don’t have users

Data shared by DappRadar showed that Decentraland had only 38 daily active users. Considering that it is worth over $1 billion, this is a pretty shocking number. However, Decentraland discards claim that they don’t have users and says a more appropriate way of measuring the numbers would be to see the number of unique visitors on the platform.

The problem with the data

A daily user count of fewer than 50 users for a project that’s worth more than $1 billion surely sounds troubling. The definition used by DappRadar to give this number was that a user qualifies as active if they check in and make a purchase or perform another action using the native token of the metaverse. The data is also said to only take into account the users who interact with smart contracts in decentraland.

The problem is that DappRadar didn’t share how they were exactly concluding these numbers, making it difficult to understand and believe. At the same time, another site reports that the median user count of decentraland is around 600, which is closer to Sandbox.

Decentraland discards claim that they don't have users

Decentraland’s reply to DappRadar’s data

A representative of the project got in touch with Cryptoslate to share insights on the data shared by DappRadar and also suggested a better alternative. To get a better idea of the usage and popularity of Mana, the representative said that we must look at the number of unique daily visitors, which even crosses 10,000 occasionally. The number is much, much higher than the users who only interact with smart contracts. The daily unique visitor average count is 8,590. The data also shows that the average land visit every month is 5,651.

Now, for us, it is difficult to ascertain which numbers to consider. But if we look at it from the perspective of the project and even the user, it makes sense that not everyone will buy something in the metaverse or interact with smart contracts. Most users will just dilly-dally around, explore stuff and go back. So, considering that the number of unique visitors is also a good measure of the usage of the metaverse.

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