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The Indian SaaS start up is now ready to cater to the market needs of two more regions which are South America & Europe. The company was founded with a vision; let’s take a dive into the details to know more.



Detect technologies was established by a group of IIT Madras graduates in 2016.  The major people were Tarun Mishra, Daniel Raj David, Harikrishan AS and Karthik R. The clear objective was to make sure that the digital transformation is assisted in the proper manner. They provide best asset integrity solutions to the requisite candidates. The needed drive & speed required by the nation could be delivered only by such great pool of skilled professors & students in general.

They offer basic three products described below:

  • GUMPS: Guided Ultrasonic Monitoring Pipelines Systems
  • NOCTUA: Automated drone for asset inspection.

They cater to industries like Oil & Gas, Mining, Windmill, Construction, Fertilizer, Renewables, Chemical and Power. The client network is also quite rich comprising of Adani, ITC, Aditya Birla Group, HP, IOC, Accenture, Reliance Industries and many more.


In a nutshell; the scenario is 2 products

                                              7 countries

                                              32 locations

                                              500 plus field days



Gumpus is the major initial product that provides a facility to monitor hazardous leaks that can occur at various places through its efficient sensor mechanism & integral detection systems. It detects corrosion rates at a very fast pace due to the high temperature facility.

NOCTUA is first automated drone that can specify assets of different sizes and at different locations. It contains automatic feature detection & data analytics mechanisms. It efficiently applies geo-spatial technology and algorithms for functioning.




The start-up when incepted was headquartered in Chennai and now it has been able to strengthen in key places within few months. The co-founder Daniel had a clear stand on the expansion saying that an average of $ 2 million is lost due to uncertainities at industry places. The company’s solutions have clearly saved up to $ 20 million annually on single sites.

And the other most important point to be focused is that the pandemic taught us to do work with minimal human interventions making it typical for industries in general. It hampers productivity but companies like Detect make it possible through A class solutions.

The co-founder added to the aforesaid statement that “The thriving industrial growth in South America and deep focus on automation at industries in Europe along with ageing of assets are the key reasons that have motivated the leadership at Detect Technologies to look into these key geographies,”


Observe & detect is the main aim in every scientific & industrial process.Technological innovations make it quite manageable to avoid what if occurred would cost a hefty amount. So; companies like these eventually have to grow as we cannot sit & employ every bit of accuracy manually. It’s high time that industries adopt & accept and appreciate the use of AI in their manufacturing.


This time Detect detected a global market opportunity allowing it to expand the already wide base into other waters too. The success rates are pretty high too.




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