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Developer blogging start-up, Hashnode bags $2.1M funding from marquee investors


Source: chrome.google.com

Hashnode is a free blogging platform for developers and creators that allows them to publish articles on their own domain while being connected with a wide developer’s community for distribution and traffic.

Recently, the five-year-old start-up has announced to raise USD 2.1 million worth funding in Seed round led by Sequoia Capital India’s Surge.

The funding round also caught the attention and received funding from several marquee tech investors including Ritesh Arora and Nakul Aggarwal (Founders, BrowserStack), Naval Ravikant (Co-founder- AngelList), Harshil Mathur and Shashank Kumar (Founders, RazorPay).

Hashnode was founded back in 2015 by Syed Fazle Rahman and Sandeep Panda and is for every developer who requires a free content creation platform without worrying about traffic generation, distribution and SEO. The start-up is a blog creation and community platform that allows users and developers to create and publish articles on their own respective domain. It also keeps the writer connected to a wide community of writers, a growing developer community.

This is one of the USPs of this setup is that Google and other search engines send automatic traffic directly to the user’s respective domain and Hashnode community of growing bloggers and creators will discover new articles on their feed.

According to reports, there are currently two main types of content publishing option- Publishing Networks and Self-hosting solutions.

Hashnode founders

Source: Inc42

In both these solutions, creators have an advantage, but content distribution on Self-hosting web-sites such as WordPress is difficult. It is almost tedious to try and build a community on self-hosting solutions. On the other hand, Publishing networks enables the creator to leverage social media credibility and reach the minimal cost of content ownership and customisation.

It is notable to mention that the cost of operating on self-hosting solutions keep increasing over time and at Hashnode, the creator can get the perfect platform for writing his content with 100% freedom to blog without worrying about SEO, traffic generation and risk of losing content.

One other USP of the platform which no other hosting solution is equipped with is the ability of Hashnode users to publish their content directly from Github.

According to reports, the platform is growing rapidly at a 25% increase on a month-to-month basis. Over 20,000 developer blogs have been published on the platform and the creators are claiming to get amazing traffic and content distribution without putting any extra effort. The community advantages are highly in the writer’s favour as it is a growing community of developer bloggers.



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