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U.S.-based LOGIQ bags $1.8 million funding in Seed round led by Leo Capital


Source: LOGIQ.ai

LOGIQ is partly based out of India and partly from California, an observability platform for Information Technology sector that mainly operates in administration services and DevOps (Development and Operations).

The start-up has recently announced to raise USD 1.8 million worth funds in its first institutional Seed funding round led by India-based Venture Capital firm, Leo Capital.

LOGIQ was founded last year in 2019 by Indian origin- Ranjan Parthasarathy and California-based Tito George. The IT platform leverages Machine Learning to power machine data analytics that enables applications and infrastructures by integrating several data types such as databases, logs, metrics and Application Program Interface (API) on a single unified platform which makes the process hassle-free and super-efficient, compared to traditional ways.

When asked about their latest infusion of funds, the company mentions expanding its Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities and onboard new customers on their platform, as reported by YourStory.

LOGIQ can be perceived as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform and it is not that organisations need to install new infrastructure to run this capable unified platform, the company claims to be compatible with traditional bare-metal servers, VM’s switches and other infrastructures as well, including advanced cloud-computing systems.

To paraphrase, Ranjan Parthasarathy, CEO and Co-founder, LOGIQ mentions in a statement that the main aim of the company is to assist organisations and enterprises to transition from managing their databases in silos to a more unified and advanced Machine Data Analytics platform through which they can truly harness their data. He added that with LOGIQ, they intend to empower developers and administrators to always keep their applications and infrastructure running, using 1-click simplicity.

Every business intends to solve a problem that exists in the society, LOGIQ aims to aid developers, administrators and IT professionals of the pain that is caused by an abundance of data from different formats. As reported by YourStory, an IDC survey was conducted in which it was revealed that on an average, over 100GB of Log data is processed every day in any organisation and the numbers have no cap to stop them from rising. IT professionals, DevOps users and other developers deal with extensive data in different formats available from data lakes, APIs, databases etc. and at this point, a unified platform, such as LOGIQ comes in with an aim to make all Information Technology data accessible and analysable with one simple click.

LOGIQ is definitely the need of the hour as quoted by Rajul Garg, Managing partner, Leo Capital.





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