6 Reasons Why You Must Adopt DevOps As A Service Model In Your Company

DevOps is a buzzword & is on the tip of every tongue in the IT world. DevOps is an agile relationship between Software development and IT Operations also knows as Technical Support.

A DevOps team ideally improves the cross-functional performance between the two teams by advocating better communication and collaboration. Alliance of Development and Operations units is to best serve the IT business needs of the organization. The most pivotal goal of a DevOps team is to deliver higher quality software to end users.

Why the hype for DevOps?

According to Gartner, by 2018, 90% of organizations attempting to use DevOps without specifically addressing their cultural foundations will fail. This raises red-flags for DevOps service providers who are fairly new in the market and do not have an agile approach.

DevOps is an extension of the Agile Approach to software development. This also marked the gradual evolution of the traditional Software Development Lifecycle from waterfall to Agile to DevOps then to Continuous Delivery.

It emphasizes on optimal utilization of the people, process, and tools, as well as the technology dimensions needed to secure this collaboration and sync up the different stakeholders to move Releases, Functionality, Apps to faster production stages.

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DevOps-as-a-Service delivers rapid on-boarding of applications, continuous process and infrastructure development along with infrastructure security.

6 Benefits of using DevOps as a Service Model for your Company

Companies consulting DevOps services can achieve 

1. Improved efficiency by 50%

DevOps service providers are capable of providing all support services along with offshore software development capabilities. These providers have expert resources and robust technology to help improve operational efficiency.

According to a survey conducted by Puppet Labs, use of a DevOps Team has shown 2x increase in productivity & 50% increase in market share and profitability goals.

2. Reduce time-to-market by 200X

According to a survey conducted by Puppet Labs, DevOps has generated 30x more frequent production deployments and 200x faster production deployment lead time. Crucial business time spent on waiting for technical support can be reduced by using DevOps services.

Hence, the speed of all operations gets boosted and faster time to market can be achieved for software being developed.

3. Deliver a Bug-free App 168x faster

Software developers and Operational units come together to increase connectivity between two departments. This enables an organization to avoid technical ambiguities and ultimately enhances the quality of the software developed.

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An article by TechRepublic states that high-performing IT organizations experience 60X fewer failures and recover from failure 168X faster than their lower-performing peers, by using the DevOps practice.

4. Improved customer experience and satisfaction by 52%

According to CA Technologies, a global study reveals that users of DevOps realized significant increase up to 52% in customer satisfaction. DevOps deliver a common service-oriented vision which increases responsiveness, quality, and customer satisfaction.

5. Increase in DevOps-as-a-Service by 76%

DevOps service providers help develop software, carry out assessments, manage uncertainty and solve end-user queries too! According to Right Scale, DevOps adoption increased from 66% in 2015 to 74% in 2016

6. Improved Recovery by 24x

If a system goes down, the results can be adverse. A DevOps team enables the continuous stream of small changes that identify whether an incident is going to occur. The Puppet survey indicates DevOps decreases failure rates by 3x and recovery times are 24 times faster.

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