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Did You Know that Purified Cannabis-Based Compound May Reduce Seizures in Children with Epilepsy?

CBD-infused products have made their way into popularity, especially in the medical field. Several studies have shown various medicinal benefits of this kind of products. In fact, many consumers have already found medical cannabis to be useful in alleviating a lot of their symptoms, such as chronic pains and cancer symptoms. People can now legally buy cannabis seeds to grow their strains depending on the effects desired. Additionally, some CBD products, CBD oils, in particular, are widely famous for improving people’s health, reduce anxiety and stress, and even help them have a good night sleep. You can take a detour in this article if you want to know more about CBD oils.

More importantly, medical cannabis is renowned for treating undesirable symptoms of epilepsy. For all we know, epilepsy is proved to be a devastating medical condition that can totally disrupt one’s way of living, especially of children. There have been some medications that are used in dealing with epileptic seizures in children. However, those medications are not that effective and can even cause some side effects. As an alternative, experts have studied cannabis and its seizure-alleviating effects for years. Though it’s proved to be effective, it’s still a hot topic for several debates.

In 2018, the U.S. FDA (Food & Drug Administration) had approved EPIDIOLEX® for treating seizures related to two types of epilepsy: The Dravet Syndrome and the Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. Epidiolex is a CBD-infused oral solution, which is proved to reduce seizure in children with epilepsy.

Medical Cannabis – What is it?

Cannabis is widely known across the world. In most places, cannabis is commonly known as marijuana. However, pharmaceutical firms and several botanists prefer cannabis when referring to call the plant. Usually, the term marijuana pertains to the female flowers and leaves of the cannabis. Medical cannabis is the whole plant or substances found in the plant, which is used in medicine.

The major substance found in the cannabis plant is called cannabinoids. This substance can affect several different receptors in the body, which is the reason why it can alleviate some symptoms. Cannabinoids are composed of two main ingredients, namely:

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol. Commonly known as THC, this substance is responsible for causing the “high” or the psychoactive effects to the users.
  • Cannabidiol. Cannabidiols (a.k.a. CBD) is a good substance that doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects to the user. It rather shows a positive impact on the body, which is beneficial to the consumers. This is the substance that is deemed effective in reducing seizure in children with epilepsy.

How does cannabis reduce seizures?

Several studies and medicinal anecdotes have concluded that cannabidiol is excellent in reducing seizures. There are many children having the Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet Syndrome that was treated with medical marijuana and found to have their seizure occurrences decreased.

Recent reports show that using CBD helps in alleviating seizures in epileptic children. Journal of Epilepsy Research has published a medical study, wherein they analyzed all the results of three different therapy trials, which involved purified cannabidiol in treating patients with different syndromes. For a long time, there’s now a class 1 concrete evidence which proves CBD to reduce seizures in children with particular epileptic syndromes.

Additionally, it’s also important that the dosage matters. A small dosage is ineffective for epileptic children. Dosage of 10-20 mg/kg is shown to be effective.

Other Applications

Cannabis is widely used in several cases, especially now that it becomes legalized in many parts of the worlds. For instance, Canada has legalized marijuana and now can be legally used to produce marijuana-infused products like CBD coffees or beers. For consumers who want to purchase cannabis products, just make sure you know the rules and regulations in order to avoid any problems.



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