Different Types of Fade Haircuts You Didn’t Know Existed

With unlimited variations of fade haircut available for you to choose from, it can be a daunting task to know which one to take to your hairdresser. For instance, you have to pick one type from low, mid, or high fade. The difference between all these fades is the level where the tapering begins. Also, you have to choose the size of the clipper, which determines how long or short their hair will be. 

Finally, you should choose either skin or taper fade, which determines how shorter the hair fading should be to the bottom. That is not all you want; you can incorporate all three fades to come up with a customized look.

  • Low Fade Haircut

This is the most common fade haircut we had. The style is stylish and timeless. Low fade begins slightly above the years and follows the hairline to the neck. Since the low fade is very versatile, it can be included in any long or short haircuts for men.

As opposed to the high fade haircuts, the low fade keeps a more conservative cut, the same as that of a classic taper fade. As such, a low fade is the best hairstyle for professionals. They can also be worn with beards, though. Basically, you will want to rock a low fade with medium or long hair on the crown, such as a contemporary pompadour, faux hawk, comb-over, or a quiff.

  • High Fade Hairstyle

This is one of the common ways to style your short hair: trimming the hair short at the back and the sides. This kind of hairstyle works perfectly with various cool haircuts for gents since the fading starts some inches high on the head and fades faster than in the low fade. The primary emphasis is on the hair on the top. 

  • Mid-Fade Haircut

As the name suggests, this is a perfect intermediate between a low and high fade. Beginning halfway, the medium fade haircut becomes even more common because the fading is more gradual and softer. Mid fades appear great in various styles and can be worn for formal and casual events.

But to make it even more striking and impressive, complement it with skin fade for a stylish finish. So, if you are afraid of how you would look with the other types of fades, probably medium fade is the right place to start experimenting with fades.

  • Taper Fade Haircut

Taper fade has remained an iconic fade haircut for centuries. Seamless, classy, and edgy, taper fade haircuts give you a look worth a thousand compliments. It is longer than the bald fade and shorter than a standard tapered haircut. While still edgy and versatile, it has a slight trim and cuts your manes but doesn’t reach the skin.

  • Skin Fade Haircut

 The skin fade also called zero fade hairstyle, is one of the best fade haircuts for men. Most men like it because it shows high contrast, it is sharp, and shows that “bad boy appearance” whether you choose low, high, or medium skin fade, it all comes down to how shorter you need the back and the sides to be, but all these fades will need to cut your hair to your skin.

  • Bald Fade Hairstyle

This is also called skin fade. The bald fade hairstyles are styled to blend to the skin and end up with no hair at all. In most cases, you will need to use clippers with no guard to clear all the hair at the sides and back entirely. Due to this fine appearance, you can ask your barber to style the hairline with sharp up to create a super cute fade. 

  • Undercut Fade Haircut

This cool fade haircut is a combo of the smartest ways for gents to trim the hair on the back and the sides. The undercut hairstyle is unique and charming, beginning very high on the head as a same-length cut.