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CDC renews contract with Palantir Technologies Inc.

The American software company, Palantir Technologies Inc. announced on Wednesday that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has renewed its working contract with the software company. The new five-year contract, worth nearly 443 million dollars, will help Palantir streamline its various health software projects into a singular vehicle.

Palantir Technologies Inc. based in Denver Colorado develops highly advanced software solutions utilized by various government and non government institutions to streamline their functions. Software products of Palantir help CDC in digitalizing and modernizing public health infrastructure in the United States of America.

Going forward, CDC can utilize software platform of Palantir to efficiently monitor and manage disease outbreaks and public health crisis in the future. The company currently operates various health related programs with CDC such as Health and Human Services (HHS) Protect, Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR) Engage, Tiberius, and DCIPHER.

With the renewed contract, CDC is hoping to merge these programs into a singular vehicle which will help the health organization in driving inter-agency public health. Four year contract will also help both Palantir and CDC develop and deploy large-scale projects which can be analyzed on a long term basis.

“Common Operating Picture”, an inter agency enterprise investment headed by CDC, can make use of software products of Palantir Technologies Inc. to increase the efficiency of disease surveillance and response to diseases outbreaks. Supply chains mechanisms and deployment of countermeasure to public health emergencies will get a boost with the highly enhances software products.

“Palantir is extremely proud to continue its partnership with the CDC, ASPR, and HHS to strengthen America’s public health infrastructure through leading-edge preparedness technology,” said Hirsh Jain, Head of Public Health, Federal at Palantir. “This contract solidifies the important digital advancements in public health made during the pandemic and expands the CDC’s capacity to create a sustainable and long-term approach beyond COVID-19.”

Palantir Technologies Inc. played a crucial role in the response of US Federal Government towards COVID-19 outbreak and management of the pandemic. Other than CDC, Palantir also works closely with various feral agencies and departments such as United States Intelligence Community (USIC), United States Department of Defense and NHS of the United Kingdom.

Few days ago, the company announced collaboration with Lockheed Martin, a US based aerospace and defense company.