Dogecoin trends on Twitter as things get serious on Dogeday!

Sam and Jordan are friends who are deeply associated with the crypto markets. They often discuss trending topics and take investment decisions together. And today they are talking about Dogecoin.

Sam: We all knew it was coming, Dogecoin is taking over the world economy!!!!

Jordan: Heyyyy…. Slow down! that hasn’t happened yet.

Sam: But dude it’s going up every day and companies now accept it as a payment method while celebrities are making memes on it.

Jordan: I think you are right. Let’s go and purchase some for us too. Before it’s too late!

Long story short Dogecoin could be the next big thing in the crypto industry. It is already trading at 32 cents after the recent price correction. But what is game-changing is the major adoption of the coin. Yes! companies are now starting to accept Dogecoin as a payment. Celebrities like Musk and Snoopdoge are talking about it, making memes on it. And yes investors are becoming rich with such hefty gains. Note: This is not investment advice.

Why the noise?

How can there be silence when a  meme is worth more than a car brand that’s more than a century old. With the recent price increase of Dogecoin, the market cap of the coin has surpassed Ford. And this is just one company, there are several more that are now nowhere near as valuable as Doge is. It must really hurt when a company this big is not as valuable as a joke. And then we have other brands that are accepting the same meme as a payment method. Heck because it’s worth 30 cents.

Newegg is one such company that has recently partnered up with Bitpay to enable Dogecoin payments. It is an online retailer company that sells computer hardware and consumer electronics items. Though the company hasn’t mentioned if they are going to hold the coins as D0ge we can expect that. Another brand that has started accepting Dogecoin as a payment method is Houston rockets. Their rocket shop has various merchandise which one can pay for in Dogecoins. I don’t think there is a way back from here on. If so many companies and investors participate in this big joke, we can surely expect the price to rocket to $1 soon.

Snoop Dogg’s Dogecoin video!

Snoop Dogg’s sense of humous is really high and we can see that in this small parody. There is nothing to explain about this. Just watch and have fun!

What are your thoughts on the huge popularity of Dogecoin? And do you think it is moving forward to become the net big thing? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative do like it and share it with your friends.

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