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Dogecoin’s Super Bowl commercial on Twitter looks dope!

A currency made as a joke is now worth over $6 billion, no doubt why Twitter fans are making super bowl commercials on it. Recently, a Twitter user uploaded a video saying it is the official Dogecoin’s Super Bowl commercial. The funny part is that the commercial looks dope and also has Elon Musk’s voice in it. The video shows Dogecoin in the moon, which goes with Elon’s saying about taking Doge to the moon. It also shows how enthusiastic people are about the currency.

Recent price increase of Dogecoin

Elon Musk’s flurry of tweets has resulted in an astonishingly fast increase in the price of Dogecoin.  It has more than doubled in the past week and at the same time has brought in a lot more attention. The cryptocurrency is now worth around Rs 4.5 (At the time of writing this article) and even the makers of the currency couldn’t believe that.


Image Source: Wall street journal

Even though investors are wanting to push the price of the currency to $1, it won’t be that easy. This is because Dogecoin is not limited by nature, unlike Bitcoin. It is produced constantly and the fact that no matter how much the demand is, there is always more supply, making it difficult to take it to the moon.

But one thing that I have learnt is that Elon Musk’s influence can do anything. If GameStop can reach $450 from around $35 in just a week, then why can’t Dogecoin! But one thing is for sure that since both Bitcoin and Dogecoin are cryptocurrencies, it will be stupid to consider them of the same nature. Even the founder of Dogecoin said that he created the cryptocurrency just for fun.

What are your thoughts on the Dogecoin’s Super Bowl commercial shared on Twitter? Do you think we can take the cryptocurrency to the moon? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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