Domino's Nuro

Domino’s and Nuro Inc. to launch Robotic Pizza delivery in Huston, Texas

Domino's Nuro
Source: The Silicon Review

We all know about Domino’s, recognised as the global leader in Pizza delivery, makes the best pizzas around the world and is loved by millions of people. As the COVID-19 pandemic is posing a continuous threat for people all around the globe, the pizza delivery company is also consistently benefitting from the increasing online food delivery system. There was a massive surge in online food orders during the COVID-19 induced lockdowns that now, Domino’s and Nuro Inc. have announced to finally launch their Robot delivery service in the city of Huston, Texas. Both of these companies are seeking to capitalise on the growing market of online food orders as the COVID-19 threat is increasing by the day.

Nuro Inc. is a Mountain View, California-based company that manufactures and operates a fleet of self-driving Electric Vehicles in the United States of America. The company is known to operate these self-driving EVs to deliver assorted local goods within the country.

Founded back in the year 2016 by two former Google employees- Jiajun Zhu and Dave Ferguson, Nuro Inc. has transformed and revolutionised the entire local commerce system in the country through its Robotic autonomous delivery system. The services of the company include providing a local delivery service to merchants to deliver their goods and products to customers with proper safety. The service is known to be affordable and quick and the primary aim of the company is to accelerate and enhance the use of robotics in everyday life.

According to Reuters, the Pizza delivery service will first begin at a Domino’s outlet in Huston, Texas, followed by more locations catering to more and more customers. Cosimo Leipold, Head of Partner Relations at Nuro Inc. mentioned in a statement that the company is in a long-term partnership with Domino’s and will further expand to other Domino’s outlets as well.

Leipold further added in his statement to Reuters that it becomes very difficult for large companies to hire enough drivers to cater to the increasing delivery demands of the market. This is where Nuro Inc.’s low-speed, small and safe autonomous electric vehicles work their magic.

Furthermore, both the companies have taken a measured approach to start their autonomous EV Piza delivery service and Nuro Inc. has also reportedly received the required regulatory approval from the United States regulatory authority to begin with their unmanned delivery service.

The report by Reuters also confirms that this service was expected to launch in the later months of 2019 but unfortunately it didn’t and then COVID-19 happened. Now, with the everyday increasing delivery demand for online pizza delivery, the timing to launch the service is perfect.