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Donald Trump’s Twitter account might get permanently banned

Donald Trump’s Twitter account was suspended for 12 hours and might even get permanently banned. This was because he supported a violent mob group that came down to the nation’s capitol while congress was there certifying the US election results. I can understand what Trump is trying to do here but promoting violence on a social platform is unacceptable. And the results are clear, Twitter has temporarily suspended his account and said if such things happen again, he will be permanently banned. Plus, he was also asked to remove all the tweets that violated Twitter’s terms and conditions. Here is the tweet regarding the same that Twitter has put out.

Why didn’t Donald Trump’s Twitter account get banned before?

Many might ask that Trump tweeted many questionable things in the past then why didn’t the ban happen earlier. Well, there is an explanation given by the social media platform. They said that under their public interest policy, they believe that tweets from world leaders should not be removed for the masses to criticize or acknowledge them. But after the latest tweet, the limit has been reached, and the necessary steps were taken by Twitter.

Donald Trump's twitter account suspended

Twitter also said that they are going to work in the same way and keep reviewing situations in real-time. And take necessary steps if the tweets on their platform are out of line. The video of the riots and Trump’s tweet was removed from Twitter. And at the same time, the video was also removed from Youtube and Facebook. Trump’s actions are disappointing! Promoting violence is an offense, and the US president is doing it openly on a social media platform. Like what the heck!

Some similar tweets by Trump

Once he said that Global warming is not a real thing and was introduced by the Chinese inroder to reduce competition. And another time he tweeted mentioning Greta Thunberg asking her to control her anger and go to a movie. There has been a lot of instances on Twitter when the US president went out of line, this is just a drop of the entire ocean.

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