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E3 2021 is round the corner, and netizens can’t keep calm!

We never run out of reasons to be excited about, even if it is in the midst of a raging pandemic. While a good majority of humans are going through a not-so-small existential crisis, another group is all worked up about the upcoming E3 event that is just around the corner. After all, we are talking about games, and ask a gamer and you will know that we are talking about crucial terrains.

Like a surprise box that is yet to be opened, or rather on the verge of opening, E3 has been successful in keeping gamers on the edge of their seats, filled with anticipation and excitement. While most people are building castles in the air about the games they expect to see, only time will tell whether the castles will touch reality or not.

And since the surge of excitement is on the peek, people have taken to Twitter so that they have a more solid ground to give form to their expectations and hopes. And as is customary, another name has been added to the trending list of Twitter. The reactions and responses are flooding with full force, bearing testament to the wave of excitement that is on the brim.

Here is a compilation of those reactions and responses from Twitter.

Choices and priorities always matter.

And some gamers are real aggressive this time. Perhaps it is the pandemic, people are all in a battlefield mentality at the moment, and you can’t blame them.

Time flies so fast, although not when waiting for a history hour to get over.

Anticipation is at the peak level.

Add some imagination and hypothetical scenarios to the blend, and the picture is complete.

It is a ‘Get. Set. Go.’ vibe after all.

God might be in a bit of a fix right now. You know if you know.

Happy memories never go out of trend.

Well, taking the ‘glass-half-full’ road, we finally have something to be excited about.



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