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Microsoft Surface Duo Gets Touch Controls For Xcloud Gaming

Microsoft Surface Duo Gets Touch Controls For Xcloud Gaming

Surface Duo

Microsoft announced today that the Xbox Game Pass app for Android will support the Surface Duo and its unique dual display setup. The latest beta version of the Xbox Game Pass app, an app for streaming games to supported Android phones, brings support for dual screens to devices such as the new Surface Duo. Microsoft teased such a solution when it unveiled the device, but it’s the first visible sign that it’s finally appearing.

Microsoft has been testing support for the Xbox Game Pass app for Android on the platform for several weeks, and it is finally ready for Prime, which is why the company announced it today.

Microsoft has confirmed the launch of an update to the Xbox Game Pass app for the Surface Duo that transforms the dual-screen, foldable, portable Xbox console into something completely different.

Microsoft has released a new update to the Xbox Cloud Gaming (XCloud) Android app for Android which provides touch controls for the company’s Android device Surface Duo, which was released in September last year. Microsoft has also updated Xbox Touch controls to support up to 50 games on the xCloud service.

Surface Duo

Microsoft is adding an Xbox gaming experience to its Surface Duo with an update to Xbox Cloud Gaming (XCloud) app for Android. In a recent update to its Android app, Microsoft has added full support for its dual-screen Android handset Surface Duo, allowing it to double as a portable Xbox console. According to a video posted on Twitter by a Verge editor, a virtual gamepad will appear on one of the Surface Duo screens and users will be able to play games on the other screen.
The update allows users to bring touch controls to supported games on the second screen of the Surface Duo.

The feature turned the Surface Duo, which came to startling reviews last year, into a handheld gaming device similar to Nintendo’s 3DS. The second-screen support turned its Surface phones into portable dual-screen Duo gaming devices similar to the 3DS.

Microsoft teased the potential for an Xbox handheld-style experience with the Surface Duo when it was unveiled and it seems to finally be here today. What has been teased over is now accessible, replacing the Xbox cloud with games and apps on Android. Microsoft launched the feature to turn the device into a portable Xbox.

Xbox Game Pass


If you have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to the Surface Duo, you may be intrigued to learn that Microsoft added Xbox Touch controls to 66 of the 257 cloud-enabled games in recent months. Microsoft’s biggest advantage is its Xbox game pass system, which makes it easy for developers to get programming compatibility with the Surface Duo touchscreen. Now the company has sent out this week an update to the Xbox Cloud gaming app, turning the Surface Duo into a mobile Xbox with On-screen controls.

If the foldable dual-screen device gets its way, it could be a better way to play Xbox games without its own controller. Players can use a linked console controller to play a track for an Xbox cloud game, for example, but touch controls can be cumbersome.

Xbox Game Pass

Touch controls aren’t as precise as using an actual Xbox controller, but Microsoft is letting developers create custom touch controls for cloud-enabled Xbox games to make things more precise, at least for now. Xbox applications such as Game Pass for Android display touch controls that apply to G-Ames single-screen Android devices. Command layers on the main screen during playback can create a crowded interface.

To play a game, you must select from the list of touchable games in the Xbox Game Pass app. Tap Show to see the list, and there are currently over 50 games that support touch controls.

The Surface Duo, on the other hand, shifts touch controls to the second screen so you can enjoy the images without losing your fingers. Some games do not support touch control and require the user to plug in a controller to use the duo’s second screen – so touch control is not an option. Instead, keep the computer model on the portable screen where the game displays on the top of the phone, while a second screen is placed in your hand to act as a controller.

When I saw the Microsoft Surface Duo, I thought it was the perfect mobile gaming device. Thanks to its dual-screen format, it can be held sideways to use the lower screen to control the upper screen and view games, similar to the handheld Nintendo DS. While I liked the device, the biggest problem (and what surprised me most) was the lack of Dual Screen Support for the Xbox Game Pass app But now it has finally gotten the update.



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