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EA Lists Major Unannounced IP To Launch In 2023

Video game publisher Electronic Arts expected to release some sort of “major intellectual property” in early 2023. EA recently held an EA investor meeting where the game’s publisher announced that it would have new titles between January and April 2023. EA is telling investors that it plans to introduce several new games to gamers in 2023, one of which has an undisclosed IP address.

EA IPAs part of some of the new games, EA has said that EA will release remastered games, sports games, partner games, and mostly undisclosed intellectual property. EA has revealed that it currently has four unannounced games due for release early next year. EA has revealed its list of upcoming games for the next fiscal year.

Speaking during its latest overnight earnings call, Electronic Arts told its investors that the publisher has a number of projects in the works for 2023, including an unannounced remake and major intellectual property. One of the more curious parts of the reveal is that EA is apparently planning to release “Remake” in 2023, although EA hasn’t said exactly what it will be about. EA notes in its slide presentation that one of these will be released during the fourth quarter of the current fiscal year ending March 31, 2023. The game in question is also expected to arrive in the same quarter along with a remake and a “partner title” of some kind.

The list includes regular sports games and Need for Speed, but one notable omission was Dead Space Remake, meaning it won’t release until late March 2023. a date has been set, the remake is expected to arrive in early 2023, and a new gameplay video was recently released. If Dead Space Remake sticks to its current release date of early 2023, it will arrive on PS5 between April and June 2023.


Dead Space has been announced for early 2023, and some details about the new system have been released, making the remake an even more immersive and terrifying experience. While the new remake is reminiscent of EA’s upcoming Dead Space remake, which was recently pushed back to the 2023 Dead Space release date, it’s more likely that the remake listed in the presentation hasn’t been announced yet. None of these have actually received a full trailer or official title, so a new Mass Effect or Dragon Age 4 game is more likely set for early 2023. As for the main IP, maybe we’re looking for the next dragon age or Mass Effect games, both of which are currently in development but have yet to receive a full public announcement with titles and promotions.

we’ll see the release of Madden NFL and FIFA 23, the next Need for Speed ​​is scheduled for the third quarter along with the latest iteration of the NHL, and then in the fourth quarter, we have unannounced games and the PGA Tour on the agenda. At this point, we have a pretty good idea of ​​what video game publisher Electronic Arts intends to release in the coming months, with year-end titles like Madden and FIFA expected to release pretty soon.



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