Elden Ring Character Creation
Credit @ ER-SA on YouTube

Elden Ring Character Creation Leaks

According to a VGC report, Elden Ring character creation screen was leaked through a recently closed network test, during which the developer gave players five pre-created characters, limiting their ability to play in characters. The ability to play during creation in general. Elden Ring’s character creation system has leaked online, highlighting how players will create their own version of The Tarnished.

Elden Ring Character Creation
Credit @ ER-SA on YouTube

The system was shown during the latest web beta of the upcoming FromSoftwares RPG and uploaded to the ER-SA YouTube channel, inspired by the developers of other fantasy series. In her video, ER-SA shows how players can choose their character’s gender and starting class, including armor and weapons. They also show that players can adjust the age of their characters and adjust various body type parameters using sliders, including skin color, arms, legs, and torso.

There are also several preset parameters for ready-made characters, some of which are startlingly unique. Players can customize various facial features of the characters, such as the amount of stretch in the jawline and the size of the cheekbones. Players can customize numerous facial features of their characters, such as how far their jaw extends, the size of their cheekbones, and so on. While the character creation menu in Elden Rings is not finalized at all, it does provide a good overview of the improved character models in the game. Significant improvements have been made to the models and textures when compared to old models from Dark Souls III.

The footage provided by ER-SA shows the various options players would have to create their own unique characters, from hairstyles and face presets to more, although much of this was not available. Character creator Elden Ring appears to continue FromSoftwares’ recent tradition of giving players ample control over their appearance as long as the YouTuber ER-SA leak can be relied upon (thanks VGC). Anyway, in addition to customizing the presets of the characters’ faces, Elden Ring offers many other options, such as physically building the characters to some extent, as well as customizing their skin color. Most of the details and option labels are blurry, so the leak does not reveal all the options that may be available when creating an Elden Ring character.


The latest of these escapes is a character creation video tour that reveals precision and customization options beyond anything we’ve seen in previous FromSoftware games. Having the creation screen is an exploration of most of what the game will offer players, as leaders can create their own characters. During the network test players were limited to only 5 prebuild characters and were not given access to the full character creation system. Earlier last year, Elden Ring passed an online test for select players, although the ability to customize the appearance of your characters was limited to only a few presets assigned by the game to each class. Since the character creation system was likely acquired during closed network testing, it should come as no surprise if the final set of options and its user interface undergoes some changes after the release of Elden Ring next month.

According to Game Rant, a leader named ER-SA posted a video on his YouTube channel showing Elden Rings’ character customization system and the horrific creations it can bring to life. Either way, it will be interesting to see how the highly detailed characters hold up as you find yourself in peace on the previous generation PS4 and Xbox One consoles.


The developer allows the character creator to create much more natural-looking human characters than in previous FromSoftwares games. This is partly due to the graphic fidelity of Elden Rings; While they may not quite match the PS5 remake of Demons Souls, the characters are much more comparable and of significantly higher quality than those in Dark Souls 3 or Bloodborne. These systems weren’t always visually impressive or distinctive, but they absolutely allowed Souls players to create a unique character to fit the player’s personality.

However, YouTuber ER-SA spent over 6 minutes navigating every dimmed option, from toggles and buttons to full sliders, giving us an idea of what the system has to offer. The system is widely praised for its detailed parameters, which allow the creation of a variety of fantastically realistic characters. It looks like players can now create more realistic characters. As the trend of letting players create truly terrifying characters continues, Elden Ring appears to be taking more in-game cues from previous versions of FromSoftwares.