Elon Musk

Elon Musk is less than 1 million followers away from surpassing the most followed account on Twitter

Over a million fans separate Elon Musk from having the most followers on Twitter. The CEO’s lead over Barack Obama, who has the most followers on Twitter, has shrunk to less than a million.

Looking at Barack Obama’s website reveals that, as of this writing, he has a total of 133,128,202 followers. In contrast, Elon Musk’s Twitter page reveals that the CEO is followed by 132,207,559 accounts, at least as of this writing. This indicates that only about 920,000 fans are now separating Musk from Obama in terms of total followers.

Musk has always been a proponent of Twitter, and after purchasing the social media site last year, his follower tally continued to grow. Musk is now gaining ground on the former US President, who has held the top spot for the most followed account on the site for years.

Twitter never generated much revenue before Elon Musk purchased the platform 

The Twitter accounts of Obama and Musk vary in a few key ways. Obama and Musk both produce millions of impressions per tweet, but Musk’s tweets typically get more responses. For better or worse, Musk frequently uses Twitter, and his tweets are known to be spontaneous. On the other hand, Obama uses a more restrained and official tone when posting on social media.

Despite having over 132 million Twitter followers, Musk only follows 187 accounts. The former US president, on the other hand, as of this writing, follows a staggering 563,395 accounts.

Elon Musk less than 1M followers away from becoming Twitter's most followed  account
Credits: Teslarati

Though the CEO has stated that the social media network “has a shot at being cash flow positive” in the second quarter, the choice to pay $44 billion for Twitter is still up for debate. If Twitter does manage to achieve cash flow positivity, it will be quite an achievement, given that the social media network has never generated much revenue before Musk’s purchase.

Twitter was once again profitable 

“We’re getting close to the point where the company’s total expenses excluding debt will be roughly equal to debt, “We may visit in the second quarter. I don’t want to count the hens before they are even hatched…but I think we have a chance to be cash flow possible next quarter,” Musk said at a conference hosted by Morgan Stanley.

According to Business Model Analyst, 2018 was Twitter’s first year of profitability as the company reported its first-ever net income of $1.2 billion. The social media network was gaining traction at the time since, in 2019, when it generated a net revenue of $1.4 billion, Twitter was once again profitable. Even in the years following 2019, the business lost money.