Elon Musk muses on winning the Time “Person of the Year” award as his business suffers

Elon Musk has gone back on his year as Time’s “Person of the Year” and his remarkably different circumstances since then. The magazine acknowledged Mr. Musk’s increasing riches and the excitement surrounding him among the general public. Moreover, the influence he had had on technology and space when he received the honor at the end of 2021.

On Tuesday night, Mr. Musk posted on Twitter, “12 months ago, I was Person of the Year,” He did not mention the significance of the occasion or his feelings regarding the passage of time.
But since being recognized, Mr. Musk’s fortunes have drastically changed. Investors in his former companies are worried about the future of both his current businesses and his new company, Twitter, as his net worth has decreased more quickly and significantly than anyone else in modern history.

For example, the share price of Tesla, where much of Mr. Musk’s personal wealth is still invested, has fallen dramatically as a result. The value of Mr. Musk’s electric car company has decreased by over 72% in the year since he was honored by Time.

Elon Musk

Additionally, there is a change in public opinion toward Mr. Musk. He polled Twitter users in late December to see if they thought he should continue in his role as CEO. The results showed that more than 57 percent of the more than 17 million respondents wanted him to step down.
Since then, he has declared that he will leave the business as soon as he finds someone equally “foolish” to take his place.

Musk and his ambition’s impact on the globe

The time stated that Mr. Musk received the title for “creating solutions to an existential crisis, for embodying the possibilities and the perils of the age of tech titans, for driving society’s most daring and disruptive transformations.” as he was named Person of the Year for 2021.

It was stated that Mr. Musk’s ambition and impact on the globe have not yet reached their full potential and that it is still unknown exactly what he plans to do. “We don’t yet know how fully Tesla, SpaceX, and the ventures Musk has yet to think up will change our lives,” it wrote. “At 50, he has plenty of time to write the future, his own and ours. Like it or not, we are now in Musk’s world.”

Additionally, the report noted that 2021 had “brought home the extent to which, at a time of rising protest over ever-deepening inequality, our lives and many of the basic structures around them are now shaped by the pursuits, products, and priorities of the world’s wealthiest people.”