Elon Musk reacts to spoof article
Elon Musk reacts to spoof article

Elon Musk reacts to spoof article about Tesla cars forcefully bringing employees to the office

Elon Musk reacts to spoof article, about Tesla cars forcefully bringing employees to the office. Elon Musk, Chief Executive Officer of Tesla Inc, a few days ago sent a mail to all employees of tesla company to work from the office for 40 hours per week. This effort was part of Musk’s decision to enforce the ‘back to office’ mandate strictly. 

Even though Elon’s idea to force employees back to the office has attracted unfavourable attention and disapprobation, he is not indicating any intent to soften his position regarding office working hours. 

A few days ago, a satirical news website named Babylon Bee published a spoof article on how Tesla cars will forcefully pick up tesla workers to the office to enforce Elon Musks’ decision. Babylon Bee reported that Elon Musk had sent a mail to all employees detailing how a software update on their tesla cars will now override car control from the driver and deliver its driver to the office for working hours.

How will Tesla cars execute the command of the boss?

“At midnight on June 8, your vehicle will automatically install a mandatory software update. Expect bug fixes, stability improvements, and your vehicle driving you to your workspace to begin your 8-14 hour work day,” the email reportedly stated.

On Tuesday, Elon Musk took to Twitter and replied, ‘My diabolical plan is coming together!’ to a tweet from @WholeMarsBlog about the spoof article on Babylon Bee. 


A Twitter user Hugo M.P.XIII @LeonisCatulus13 tweeted as a reply to Elon Musk that he was waiting for teleportation so that he can avoid driving the car to the office. It seems not driving will increase the efficiency of the employees. 


Ross Gerber, co-founder and CEO of Investment Advisor, tweeted that he was glad all his employees have tesla and asked whether they can set up the car settings like in the spoof article so everyone will reach the office for work. 

Another Twitter user Tanman97 @Tanman971 asked Elon Musk a political question, whether he will allow Tesla employees to unionize. 

Tesla – Home ‘Coming’

Babylon Bee report also reveals that Elon Musk sent another follow-up mail to employees in which he explained changes that have been brought into the office to make the ‘home to office’ transition easier. Updated office infrastructure will include the sound of babies crying, fire truck landscaping equipment and barking dogs as it will make employees feel like they are at home. 

The Diabolical twitter reply of Elon Musk to a Diabolical tweet has left Twitter pundits confused about whether he was being serious, or simply funny.