Tesla Model 3 Long Range Stops Taking Orders Online

Elon Musk says that Tesla Model 3 LR will be available for orders

Recently Tesla closed the Tesla Model 3 Long Range orders. Elon Musk answers the question of whether it will be open and why it was closed. He stated, “Will enable as we ramp production.” The automaker stated that the car will be made available for orders in 2023. It potentially implies that Tesla is going to ramp up its production than the current capacity in 2023.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range Stops Taking Orders Online
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So now, customers have to choose between Model 3 RWD and Model 3 Performance (LR AWD). This option is not just for Model 3 LR, but for various other EV brands as well. The demand keeps increasing, but the production ramp is to be fast enough. If Tesla Model Y is ordered now, it is expected to be delivered by 2023.

Meanwhile, Tesla Model 3 18′ Aero Wheels are to be delivered between November 2022 and January 2023. And the 19″ Sport Wheels variant will be delivered between October-December 2022. The long-range AWD variant is the only Tesla model that has been impacted by longer delivered with the decision to stop taking orders. It could be a pilot move to stop receiving bookings for the Model 3 variant. More variants could be added to the list as the vehicles get overbooked.

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Model 3 Popularity

The Model 3 Long Range is one of Tesla’s most popular vehicles. Based on Musk’s warning, it’s likely that the automaker now has a large enough backlog for the model that it doesn’t make sense to take more orders until it can work through it.

Also, Tesla has removed the pricing of the vehicle for now. Before today’s update, the price was $57,990. It’s likely that the price will be updated when Tesla reopens orders. The Model 3 Long Range might be one of the few electric vehicles that could be eligible for the new EV tax credit with the battery and critical mineral criteria, but it is going to have to be less than $55,000 in order to qualify.

For Tesla, we previously reported that this uptick in demand has resulted in a significant increase in its order rate in several regions of the United States. In March, this resulted in many Tesla models being sold out until 2023 in the United States. That’s despite several price increases throughout Tesla’s entire lineup over the last two years. There’s currently a rush to order electric vehicles as the technology becomes more mainstream and, in the short term, grows in popularity due to gas price increases and the new federal EV incentive expected to become law any minute.