Elon Musk’s arrival into Twitter HQ is mocked by Trevor Noah using a sink

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has finally acquired ownership of Twitter Inc. after a series of unexpected developments that stretched more than five months.

The SpaceX CEO bizarrely entered the Twitter offices in San Francisco on Wednesday via a porcelain sink and tweeted a video of the incident with the message “let that sink in.” Additionally, he altered the title of his Twitter profile to “Chief Twit.” 

Some users felt bad for Parag Agrawal. Others poked fun at Musk with memes.


Noah made fun of Elon Musk

The host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, has also criticized Musk for installing a sink in the offices. But then, he started making caustic remarks. I know several people who think that was corny, Noah said.

But I think you can start telling dad jokes once you have 87 kids. You are capable of doing it. Fun is had. Allow that to sink in.

He further added, “What I want to know is where did he get that sink? No, I mean, it works for the joke. Where did he get the sink? Right? Is it just the one he ripped out of the wall when the judge told him?

He also included Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, in the situation, which was a hilarious twist. He claimed that if Bezos installed a sink in his office, the staff would be overjoyed to have access to a bathroom. Instead, he had to buy Twitter?”

 “If anything, Elon is the right billionaire to make this joke, you know? Because if Jeff Bezos walked into Amazon with a sink, his employees would be like, wow, we’re finally getting a restroom. He’s like, no!”

Noah made fun of Musk’s position on free speech and his remarks regarding advertisements. Regarding Elon’s letter that he addressed to the advertiser.