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Emirati Police Employ Medtech Solution To Tackle COVID Spread

KC Wearable, a China-based medtech outfit, recently unveiled its sickness detection smart solutions. Dubbed the KC 901 Smart Helmet, it has been deployed by authorities across the UAE in an effort to control the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The helmet is a wearable detection device, designed to function in crowded spaces, to facilitate instant screening for fevers and sickness. The KC 901 allows the wearer to screen up to 200 individuals a minute, with automated real-time alert systems. The solution aids authorities in gaining data on potential carriers of the virus, without having to be in close proximity to large crowds. 

(Image: zdnet.com)

Having being implemented during China’s period of lockdown, the smart helmets are being put into action in major Emirati cities. Dubai police are using the tool to thermal screen public transportation users. Moreover, helmet allows authorities to identify at-risk persons through facial and vehicle license plate recognition.

Claiming a 96% accuracy rate, the tool is able to screen individuals from up to 16 feet away, and promises to be a boon for those on the frontlines of lockdown control and enforcement.




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