Employees worked for 75 hours a week? Elon Musk barred from terminating employees
Sinead McSweeney said that after the takeover by the billionaire, her work hours rose more than to 75 hours. 


According to an Irish Times report, an executive employee worked for more than 75 hours a week as a result of firing a large number of employees, after Elon Musk acquired twitter.


In a statement to a High Court in Ireland, Sinead McSweeney said that after the takeover by the billionaire, her work hours rose more than to 75 hours.


Twitter’s global vice president for public policy McSweeney delivered a statement to the court in a victorious proposal for an injunction to block Twitter from firing her.


On Friday, the injunction was granted after McSweeney claimed she didn’t resign but still was restricted by the company from accessing the company systems, and earlier this month she received an exit offer.


On November 16, Elon emailed at the midnight to the Twitter employees which stated that the staff must either agree to an “extremely hardcore” culture by clicking yes to a document in the email or their resignation would be received to which McSweeney didn’t respond anything.



The vice president McSweeney who has worked in the micro-blogging company for more than a decade said she regularly worked for more than 40 hours per week as required by her employment contract.


According to the Irish Times, McSweeney also said that the work has been tougher than before the acquisition but she took no issue with “putting my shoulder to the wheel.”

File photo: Sinead McSweeney

According to the report, McSweeney said Musk has given “mixed messages” to staff and leading the company “in an orthodox manner.” She also stated that the CEO has “with no apparent logic” fired and rehired staff.


On October 27, a week after finalizing the deal The “Chief Twit” laid off around half of its Twitter workforce. And on November 16, around 2000 employees quit and turned down his offer when Elon issued an email about the ultimatum. But later Twitter also called back to return some of its staff to the company.


The insider requested a comment from the vice president and Twitter but McSweeney, as well as Twitter, did not immediately respond.


It is still a topic of puzzlement whether Elon is done with the firings or not as last week, he announced that the dismissals are over and that the firm is prepared to commence a fresh recruitment again.


Since Twitter’s acquisition by Elon Musk, Twitter has lost most of its original employees. However, in a statement, he declared that Twitter will witness a fresh recruitment process soon.