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Enjoy videos on mute, Twitter launches auto-generated captions for videos



Twitter is one of the most popular social networking platforms and it is hard to believe that it took so long for Twitter to add this feature to their basket. Yes, Twitter has recently launched automatically generated captions for videos, so that people can enjoy videos even when the audio is on mute.

This can be another step for Twitter trying to be more accessible for its users and the feature rollout has begun for Twitter web, Android and iOS apps. As mentioned in multiple reports from credible sources, the feature turns on automatically on mobile devices i.e., on Android and iOS apps, when the user is watching a muted video. While, there are a bunch of settings that you can change, having automatically generated captions for muted videos is one of the most accessible features that Twitter users can enjoy.

However, it is not the first time that a company has thought about the use of this amazing technology. Facebook and Instagram have had this feature for a long time and through that experience, it is safe to say that this feature will be much appreciated on Twitter as well.

According to a report by The Verge and Engadget, Twitter’s automatically generated captions feature will only support videos that are uploaded from today onwards. Old videos will not be supported by this feature and it is understandable. Nevertheless, Twitter still needs to work on certain improvements on this feature. For Instance, there is no way to report inaccuracies in the live captions that are automatically generated. Twitter has always had this past history of improving its features and staying on course with the accessibility and ease that it is providing to its users and this feature will be no different for the technology giant.

After Jack Dorsey’s stepping down as Chief Executive Officer of Twitter, it might initially be difficult for Parag Aggarwal to keep up with what Twitter has been in the past few years. There might be a new and improved Twitter coming your way through the lens of CO Agarwal but until then, users can enjoy the automatically generated videos captions feature.

As Engadget notes, this new feature is just the beginning of the new and improved Twitter that might just be around the corner. While in today’s age of accessibility advocates and critics analysing every move and every new feature, Twitter has successfully established two accessibility teams that will take care of the platform’s accessibility feature for users in the times to come and automatically generated captions is the first such feature, finally launched by the company.



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