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4 Essential Internet Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Before

essential internet tips

With the busy world that we all live in, it sometimes feels as though there isn’t enough time for everything you need to do. It can lead people to forget things, or not do them at all because they feel overwhelmed – we all need to simplify.

There are a few essential internet tips that can alleviate those bug bears and make life on the internet a little more beneficial. They might seem small things, but they will allow another annoyance to be crossed off the list. Your attention and effort can then be spent using the internet to do things that you give more value to.

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Logging out of Facebook

If you have ever used someone else’s phone or laptop to log into your Facebook account, then you might have also forgotten to log out after you have finished. It is an easy mistake because you normally never need to log out.

There is a way that you can log out of Facebook remotely, so the session will end on whatever device it is currently using. All you need to do is go into “settings” in the drop down on the left of your screen. Then, go to “when you’re logged in” and you will be able to close an open session.

Google Searching

Searching for something on Google is second nature to most people. It has become the go to resource for children and adults alike for homework and research. However, there is a tip for those times you cannot remember a whole song title or quote. If you just enter the words you remember, Google will just give you the results with those words included.

The trick is to replace the words you don’t know with asterisks. That way, Google will look for any combination of those words and will more likely pick it up. It will save you trawling through thousands of results.

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Free Software

The internet is full of information and resources that can help you do almost anything. The problem is that sometimes you might not have the money to buy the or document creator.

There is, however, almost always another option for you to choose. If you search the internet for the software you want but include the word ‘free,’ it will show you a list of software that you can download and use for free. In many cases, the free versions have the same features as the paid for versions, one such an example is that of Adobe’s Spark which provides one of the best slideshow maker.

Twitter Mute

If you are a big fan of Twitter, then you might find times when you see a lot of tweets from someone that you are not interested in seeing. You don’t have to resort to unfollowing them, all you need to do is click on the cogwheel on someone’s profile and select ‘Mute’ to stop seeing their posts.

The person you are muting will not be aware that you have done it, and you can unmute them later if you wish.

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