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The EV Shift won’t solve the Climate Change Goals. Here’s Why?

The COVID-19 pandemic that has set its foot upon the world has definitely taught us that it’s high time that we move on to adjusting more with nature. The lockdown periods have made us realize that it is due to human activities that nature is affected severely. Hence, the automaker companies are slowly switching to electric vehicles. 

Switch to EV

Electric vehicles are automobiles that are run by battery. One needs to charge their car using an electric supply. These vehicles do not use engines run by internal combustion using petroleum or anything similar to it.

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Hence, the USA is one of the countries that has decided to shift to electric vehicles to implement their ambitious climate plan. President Biden has decided to save fossil fuels and renewable resources, and hence the decision regarding automobiles has been carried out likewise. 

Important factors to consider –

After the experts have put forward their statements regarding the matter, few facts have been established.

  • It’s not only the shift to electric vehicles. The carbon emission has to be reduced. This can be achieved only when 43% of the emitted carbon will be reduced from the air. The time allotted to this project of reduction of harmful carbon content from the perspective is 2030. 
  • The next statement stated was for people to reduce driving and use more and more public commodities. 
  • According to the RMI (Rocky mountain institute), the per capita VMT, i.e., vehicle miles traveled, needs to be reduced by 20% minimum. 
  • The plan is to put forth 70 million electric vehicles on the road in the next nine years. 
  • In addition to this, the experts added that it would rather be feasible to build economic and eco-friendly housing plans near the workplace, schools, and essential commodities. They stated that this would solve most of the vehicle usage per capita problem.
  • The other suggestion by the expert’s committee was to focus more on public transit modes.
EV Shift Climate Change
The Dilemmas –

However, these suggestions still seem to have their own versions of conflicts, such as,

  • The first problem is that people have been more skeptical after the severe pandemic than before and have started to avoid proximity contact with anyone nearby.
  • This has led to the usage of personal vehicles more and more with each passing day. 
  • Implementation of compulsory EV based vehicles would mean that companies like uber have to switch their vehicles too.
  • These companies do not keep the employees on a contract basis, and the drivers usually work individually, registering their own cars. 
Conclusion –

Hence, the plan of switching totally onto EV is still very dystrophy, and taking into consideration how people have changed their lifestyles during this testing period, the automakers have to be very reasonable with their automobiles. 



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